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In the years following the end of WW 2, the US economy reverted to one which significantly reduced its production of war supples due to the ending of WW 2. It's economy did place an emphasis on war production based on the Cold War. However, there was a vast difference between that "war production" economy versus the WW 2 war production economy.The US economy, not hampered by rebuilding its infrastructure because it escaped the ravages of WW 2, began to produce consumer products for itself and for the world. It also made gains in farmland production. This too was a benefit for itself and many other parts of the world. The US economy began an overall expansion period, probably the largest one in its history.

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Q: How did the American economy change after World War 2 ended?
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What impact did world war ii have on the American economy?

permanently ended the Great Depression

What was the American economy like from 1945 1947?

world warr 2 just ended. After the war,the men returned, having seen the rest of the world.

How did World War 2 effect the great american depression?

Ended it by providing millions of jobs to the unemployed and they had money to spend stimulating the economy

How did the Treaty of Paris change the world?

It ended the American Revolutionary war of 1783 and it gave Independence to the U.S.A

How was the us economy after world war 2 ended?

The best in the world, literally.

What ended American neutrality?

American neutrality in the 2nd World War ended because of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

When did Pan American World Airways end?

Pan American World Airways ended in 1991.

When did World League of American Football end?

World League of American Football ended in 1992.

How did the economy change in Canada during World War 2?

The Canadian economy changed after world war to had ended. During the war many companies had started up offering many jobs to those not involved directly in the war. As a result of this the people of Canada started making money. The depression had finally ended along with the many year sof war.

When did Pan American World Airways end its operations?

Pan American World Airways ended its operations in 1991.

What effects did World War 2 have on the American economy?

The effects of World War II upon the American economy are difficult to over-estimate. In forcing American industry to boost production and increase efficiency, the war led to a quantitative increase in American industrial sites, processes, and output. Qualitative improvements also followed, as creative American business and political leaders discovered new and better ways to make old products; they also discovered new products which contributed to victory during the war and to a more diverse (and profitable) economy once the war ended.

What ended American involvement in world war 2?


How did the atom bomb change World War 2?

It ended World War 2.

How was the north and south economy different?

the northern economy ended slavery.the southern economy continued slavery

How did the American economy shift in the 1950's?

The war ended, the president changed it, people got there jobs back, and Americans worked harder

What American action ended World War 2 in the Pacific?

Nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

How did American view of the war change over time?

the war took 20 year before if ended

Did world war 2 cause depression in US economy?

No, World War II ended the depression. When the United States joined the war, many jobs were created.

Who was the best American president?

President William Clinton, gave the American economy the biggest turn around, and ended with a surplus, unlike other Presidents. The country also had the best attitude during his tenure.

Did World War 1 cause the Roaring Twenties and if so how?

yes, it did. During WW1 the economy boomed because of having to make weapons for war, and when the war ended we experienced a very fast transition from war to peace time. Along with that transition also brought a very fast economic change from booming war economy to a fast expanding and prosperous industrial economy.

How did World War 1 change peoples lives?

For millions of people it ended their lives

Did the Treaty of Paris end in world war 1?

No. The first and second Treaties of Paris ended the French and Indian War and the American Revolution respectively. World War I was ended by the Treaty of Versailles.

What did NOT characterize African-American life during World War 2?

Segregation finally ended

What major economic crisis ended because of American involvement in world war 2?


How did Ulysses Grant change the world?

Yes because he ended the war so then we don't have to worry about the war and we can have a peaceful world