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Q: How did the Bastet affect daily life?
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how the globalization and internet affect your daily life

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How does affect your life in physical fitness

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discuss the role of government in your daily life

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It does nothing to your daily life but make you ugly!

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How do we use the number 80 in are daily life?

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They are to be believed in and put into daily life of a Muslim.

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hush mfer

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grinding them throwing them

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its used in aircrafts

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I need this aswell :(

How did qin affect daily life?

its all a lie

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yourr mum

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Everything you do is science. Everything you see is science. Everything you think is science... A better question would be how does science NOT affect our daily life.

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Christianity can affect daily life in a positive way if deeply committed. Times of prayer, meditation, and reading can add a new perspective.

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If the walls in your house were not perpendicular they would probably topple over and you would no longer have a daily life for perpendicular lines to affect.

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measurements effect oyr daily life like an engineer is using many measuring instruments in his daily work.

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it can affect it from where people are and what they do

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It can cancel all your planning out

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by kissing your mom

How did the Ming dynasty affect daily life in china?


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It affected their daily lives by the heat and that they will die

How does AIDS affect a persons daily life?

they feel sick daily and are barely able to eat

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The Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which is very important at the subatomic level, has no affect on my daily life.

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In what ways do marketing affect the lives of people?