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First Battle of Bull Run
Second Battle of Bull Run

How did the Battles of Bull Run affect the outcome of the US Civil War?


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The answer to this question is best answered in the following manner. Both battles of Bull Run in 1861 and in 1862 were Confederate victories. The outcome gave the South more confidence to carry on the war and the Union realized the value of the tactics of interior lines. In the Second Battle of Bull Run, General Lee's victory led him to attempt to to bring Maryland into the war as a Southern state. The result was the Battle of Antietam, the bloodiest one day battle in US history. Union Major General McClellan forced General Lee to withdraw to Virginia. McClellan's failure to destroy Lee's retreating army cost McClellan his military career.

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Lincoln appointed george mclellan as supreme commander, even though he served to be horrible (delays)

No more civilian battle spectators

Confederates changed their flag because of similarity

Fear that proslavery border states of Union would secede

president Davis promoted to commander of whole army

Stonewall Jackson had no awards

politicians know that civil war will not be quick

Union feared easy path for Confederates to capture Washington D.C. right after

Morale was boosted in the Confederate side

North became careful, even with more troops than the south

different strategies, later