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After the Plague subsided, more than 2/3 of all people in Europe were dead. The Feudal Lords had trouble finding people to harvest their crops and work for them. This led to peasants demanding more money and eventually freedom from their Lords. Joan of Arc contributed to this new idea that people should be loyal to their country, not to their Feudal Landlords. Strong popes, notably Gregory VII , worked for a new Europe guided by a centralized church, a goal that was realized under Pope Innocent III . Militant religious zeal was expressed in the Crusades , which led thousands into the lands of the ancient Greeks and Byzantine society. When they returned to Europe, the Crusaders brought back books and new ideas from these advanced societies. Without the Plague and pure survival to worry about, people began to explore art and sciences, which began the transition to the Renaissance years.

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Q: How did the Black Plague transition Europe from the middle ages to the Renaissance?
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How did the Renaissance spread to northern Europe?

The renaissance spread to northern Europe by, when the renaissance started in Italy spread over to northern Europe and lands on the middle East and Africa.

How did renaissance spread to northern Europe?

The renaissance spread to northern Europe by, when the renaissance started in Italy spread over to northern Europe and lands on the Middle East and Africa.

Where did woman worship in the middle ages and renaissance?

During the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe women worshipped in churches.

Was the black death during the Renaissance?

The Black Death was an outbreak of bubonic plague that happened in 1347 to 1352. This was a time that was before the end of the Middle Ages, but the Middle Ages and the Renaissance overlap to some extent, and many historians would put this after the Renaissance began. Also, the bubonic plague, or Black Death, returned many times after the Middle Ages, including during the Renaissance.

Why was the black plague considered a end of the middle ages and a biginning of renaissance?

It wasn't. The Renaissance doesn't start until 1400 and the plague was through out the 1300's. So, there is at least a 100 years difference.

Why was Europe a dangerous place during the Middle Ages?

The plague spread

Which was the worst of the calamities that befell Europe in the late middle ages?

The plague

Who was affected by the black plague?

Everyone in Europe in the middle ages. The plague had no preference as to age, gender, or social position.

What is the likeness between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance?

AnswerRenaissance was the beginning/rebirth of art, science, culture, etc. during the end of the 14th century till the 17th century. The likeness between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance is that by the end of the Middle Ages (14th century) the Renaissance had begun, which meant that most of the customs and traditions from the Middle Ages were followed during the Renaissance.MoreThe Middle Ages and the Renaissance both had the Plague.

What period of time followed the Middle Ages in Europe?

The Renaissance

Middle Ages is known as the great rebirth of culture in Europe?

No, that is the Renaissance AFTER the Middle Ages

Why was Giotto so important?

He marked the first traces of transition from Middle Age art to Renaissance.

What is renaissance philosophy?

Renaissance philosophy was the period of the history of philosophy in Europe that falls roughly between the Middle Ages and the Enlightenment (The Renaissance).

What were the results of the Plague during the Middle Ages?

3/4 of the Europe died

What were Consquences of Plague during the middle ages?

3/4 of Europe died.

What were the results of the black plague in the middle ages?

3/4 of Europe died.

What were some of the effects of the crusades in Europe?

The crusaders came back with new items, ideas, math, science, and a middle class began to form. Along with the plague the society had to change and the crusaders were free men. The combination of the two pulled Europe into the Renaissance.

How are the renaissance and the middle ages similar?

They both took place in Europe.

What countries were effected by the bubonic plague?

most of Europe, the tip of Africa and in the middle east

How did Renaissance art connect to the past?

The Renaissance was a revival in thought after the Middle Ages. Renaissance Europe was fasinated with ancient Greek culture. That is reflected in art.

Did the renaissance and middle ages happen in the same place?

They both occured in Europe

A historian writes a book in which she organizes the history of Europe into these units: the Middle Ages, the Enlightenment, and the Renaissance. This is an example of?

(Apex) Periodization.

What happened in Europe in the 14th century?

The end of the Middle Ages neared at the dawn of the Italian Renaissance. Spain was completing the Reconquista and Portugal began exploring the coast of Africa. The Black Death (bubonic plague) spread across medieval Europe between 1346 and 1350.

What were the middle ages in the middle of?

It was the era of time between the fall of the Roman empire and the advent of the Renaissance Period in Europe.

What time era was the black plague?

This name is given to the pandemic bubonic and pneumonic plague that swept across the Middle East, the Mediterranean region, and Europe in the fourteenth century. It was during the Middle Ages.