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The Boer War affected Canada in the way that since Britain was involved in the war, they wanted Canada to send troops to help. Canada became split by the opinions of the English-speaking imperialists, and the French-speaking nationalists. The imperialists believed that Canada should send soldiers immediately to support the Empire. The nationalists did not want to participate at all, and sympathized with the Boers. The prime minister of Canada, Wilfred Laurier, had to compromise by sending 1 000 volunteers to Africa. However, both sides were unhappy with this.


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The Boer War was fought in South Africa and Canada wasn't involved.

The French-speaking nationalists did. An example of one is Henri Bourassa, who resigned from Parliament in protest over the Boer war.

Since Britain won the Boer War; they now had control over South Africa.

First Boer War: Britain vs Transvaal Second Boer War: Britain and the colonies including Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Canada, Australia and New Zealand against Transvaal and Orange Free State.

The boer war was sparked by

There was a first and a second Boer War. The Third Boer War is still to come.

the boer war started in 1980

Canada has been in several wars:The War of 1812The Boer WarThe First World WarThe Second World WarThe Korean WarThe present war in Afghanistan

The Boer war began in 1899 and endend in 1902

the British won the Boer war; both of them.

1899-1902 was when the Boer War occurred.

I do believe the Boer War started in Africa.

The Boer War was fought in South Africa.

boer war began 11 october

1 person fort in the Boer war

The first Boer War was from 1880 -1881.

First Boer War happened in 1881.

The Boer War was fought in South Africa.

Canada has fought in the Boer War, World War 1, World War 2, Korea and Afghanistan. -It was involved in peace keeping duties in many other disputes.

A sense of loyalty to the Mother country was a big motivating factor.

Anglo-boer war when did it take place

The first Boer War began in 1880 and ended in 1881.

Locals were recruited and fought in both the first and second Boer Wars. In the second Boer War, Australia, Canada, and India also supplied troops. I am not, however, aware of any nation outside of the UK Commonwealth contributing troops to this conflict.

The second Boer War sarted in 1899 and ended in 1902.

Second Boer War happened on 1899-10-11.

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