Boston Massacre

How did the Boston massacre start?

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2016-01-23 20:48:10

The colonists had started to riot at Boston and were throwing

snowballs that had ice and rocks in them at the redcoats. A redcoat

got hit with a snowball and thought his leader said fire instead of

don't fire. Then after the one redcoat shot, the riot advanced and

the redcoats got scared and killed innocent lives.

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2016-01-23 20:47:43

The Patriots were indeed throwing snowballs with ice and rocks

at the British soldiers. A British officer called Captain Thomas

Preston called in additional troops when about 50 Patriots attacked

a sentinel. The British were scared and three of them fired into

the crowd killing 3 Patriots and wounding 8 others. John Adams

(future US president) and Josiah Quincy defended the British

actions in court.

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