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How did the Cell Phone Change?

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The cell phone has changed since the past, making it smaller, wireless, they run on their own battery, the coverage is widely spread out, and you can send and receive text messages.

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It really depends on the cell phone company you have some don't let you change and some do. I would advise you to contact your local cell phone company.

you dont! you buy a new phone and you have to get a totally different cell number!

Do edit, then retype the number.

yes. cell phone automatically change.

You cannot change a phone's frequency.

Cell phone network extenders can be a wonderful way to improve your cell phone service. They are easy to install and are an affordable option if you do not wish to change your service provider.

It is possible to change a cell phone number while still under contract. A person just needs to call the customer service number of their cell phone provider and request to change their number.

If you change cell phone providers you can keep your current number; it usually takes a few hours, in some cases up to a day to transfer the number to a new carrier.

you can't, accually you can paint it.

Need to get to AT&t to change my payment

How do you change the time setting on an lg500ghl

You call your cell phone carrier and tell them you want to change your number.

Because they have different companies so they change

Yes, you CAN use your cell phone when it is charging. Just remember to give it time to change fully before unplugging it.

what caused the cell phone to change over time is the tecnoligy

Fiddling with the transmitter, which is probably illegal

Buy your cell phone from your phone company, they're guaranteed to have some good stuff there. if not, change companies if you want a new phone that badly.

If you want to change your cell phone number just call your provider. They will be able to help you with the logistics of doing this change with a minimal amount of steps.

The cell phone made peoples life better because can just call other people wherever they are.

if you have the phone then you have to have to call your company and see wat they say... and if ur getting a new phone then [even if not the same company] than you have to tell them b4 activiting ur new phone

Yes is is possible you just need a gsm network to do it the easiest way. to do that you have to find your cell phone modle. you will have to search the code to do it on google but once again it is very possible.

The radio equipment (slang: towers) that are positioned around to give coverage, create areas of coverage called a cell. The cell will communicate with your cell phone until another cell can do the job better and then automatically change to the new cell. Thus the nerds who designed the system called it a cell phone.