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Q: How did the Civil war of America lead to confederation?
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Was the Article of the Confederation written during the Civil War or War of 1812 or Revolutionary War or French and Inidian War?

They were written during the American Revolution, the final draft being drawn up in 1777.

When does the two-party system in America go back to?

The Civil War

America today is guided by a document known as?

The U.S. Constitution, which was not approved and implemented by the member states until 1789. From the offical end of the Revolution until then, the Articles of Confederation loosely bound the 13 independent states.This emphasis on "state's rights" was why the secessionist states of 1861 fought the Civil War as the Confederate States of America.

Why is William t.sherman important to the civil war.?

he was important to the civil war because he marched his army to the south and the south surrendered to them and he help win the war Spring Moon: He was also successful for the capture of Atlanta.He was the major general.Also he lead the "Sherman's march to sea".

Why do you still refer to the Articles of Confederation if they have been abolished?

The United States of America were not united immediately after the Revolutionary war. The truth is the country was governed for about 12 years after the end of the war under a document called the Articles of Confederation. Its main point was that there was a weak central government and the states were gathered together as a Confederation which gave each state a major role in their own governance than the central government had. Although it did not work, and eventually the states ratified the Constitution of the United States in 1789, which made the central government strong, and the powers of the states were those not claimed by the central government in the Constitution. Some 70 years later when the 11 southern states tried to secede from the Union, it caused the American Civil War. These southern states again joined together in a Confederation trying to war against the Union. They claimed states rights which was the reason for forming the Confederate States of America, but after the end of the war they were brought back into the Union and were forced to relinquish states rights.