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Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America.


But he did not lead the south into the Civil War he led them DURING the civil war.

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Q: Who lead the South into the Civil War?
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What state lead the south to civil war?

South Carolina

What state was its own republic and what us war did it lead to?

South Carolina and it lead to the Civil War

Why wasn't a compromise reached in the Civil war?

The North tried to compromis with the South which lead to the south ceceding from the union and beginning the civil war

Who would lead the country if the south won the civil war?


Who lead the south in the civil war?

General Robert E. Lee

What was General Robert E. Lee's role in the Civil War?

He was the South's ( Confederates ) General . He lead the confederates during the Civil War .

How was religion a cause to the civil war?

because it created secularism in the south, this lead to the south secceding from the union

How did bleeding kansas lead to the the civil war?

tensions increased between the north and south causing small wars leading up to secession and the civil war

How did sectionals lead to the civil war?

Because the south wanted slaves and the North did not want slaves.

Who were the 2 generals who lead the south in the civil war battle?

Robert E. Lee and Davy Crockett

How sectionalism helped to lead to the Civil War.?

Because the south wanted slaves and the North did not want slaves.

What events lead to the Korean civil war?

Communist North Korean's attempt of conquest of South Korea.