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What state was its own republic and what us war did it lead to?

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South Carolina and it lead to the Civil War

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What did the Texas war for independence lead to?

The independence of the Texas RepublicThe Mexican-American WarUltimately, the American Civil War

What country did the United States have to fight to get the state of Texas?

The united states didn't fight anyone for Texas directly, Texas fought Mexico for independence None however admitting the Republic of Texas as a state did lead to the Mexican American War.

What action lead to the US going to war?

Bombing of Pearl Harbor/WW2, or state which war

Was Venice a country of its own?

Yes the republic of Venice was disbanded after World War I as it was bombed with a wmd

How did nationalism lead to war?

People wanted to be on they're own such as Serbia wanting to be its own nation from Austria-Hungary

What can a state government not do?

State governments cannot declare war or issue their own money.

How was New York State involved in World War 2?

New York State was part of the United States of America. If the US goes to war, all states must comply. It is illegal for any ONE state to go to war by itself. If, for example, New York started a war with Great Britain, it would be illegal. Texas went to war with Mexico in 1836; but Texas was NOT part of the United States of America. Texas was it's own Republic (it's own country) until 1845. In 1845, Texas became a US State; it would have been ILLEGAL for Texas to go to war with Mexico after 1845.

How did civil war lead to the Rise or Fall of the Roman Republic?

The Roman Republic had become corrupt and weakened by bloody civil wars, power plays, political in-fighting, and dissatisfaction with the Senate. These all led to the decline of the Roman Republic.

How did the punic wars lead to the fall of the roman republic?

The Roman Republic was replaced by the Principate over a hundred years after continuing civil war, so it is difficult to attribute it directly to the Punic Wars.

What events led to the Mexican war?

Border disputes and the US Annexation of the Republic of Texas as a US State.

How did a civil war between nationalists and communism in china lead to the creation of the people republic of china?

this question doesn't really make scence Easy, The communists won the war. They took the "mainland" and the Nationalists fled to Taiwan to make their own country. Check wikipedia regarding Taiwan and its formation.

Why was the united state involved in the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam War was part of the cold war. To prevent Communist North Vietnam from taking over the Republic of South Vietnam.

Did the Persian war have a disastrous effect on the Roman Republic?

The Roman Republic was just a city-state in Italy and not involved in the Persian War 499-449 BCE, which was between Persia and the Greek city-states of the eastern Mediterranean.

Who was the general of the Texas Republic in the Spanish American War?

There was no Republic of Texas during the Spanish American War. Texas broke away from Mexico in 1836 as a result of the Texas Revolution and it became a US State on 29 December 1845. The Spanish American War was in 1898.

When did Final War of the Roman Republic happen?

Final War of the Roman Republic happened in -32.

Is Arizona a union or confederate during the civil war?

union Thats wrong: It was a confederate state.

Can a US state become its own country?

No. The US Civil War established that no US state can leave the Union.

Why did the hundred years' war end?

The English were forced out of France and had some succession issues going on with their own throne that lead to civil war.

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