How did the Detroit Tigers get their name?

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There are various legends about how the Tigers got their nickname. One involves the orange stripes they wore on their black stockings. Tigers manager George Stallings took credit for the name; however, the name appeared in newspapers before Stallings was manager. Another legend concerns a sportswriter equating the 1901 team's opening day victory with the ferocity of his alma mater, the Princeton Tigers. The earliest known use of the name "Tigers" in the news was in the Detroit Free Press on April 16, 1895. The truth is revealed in Richard Bak's 1998 book, A Place for Summer: A Narrative History of Tiger Stadium. In the 19th century, the city of Detroit had a military unit called the Detroit Light Guard, who were known as "The Tigers". They had played significant roles in certain Civil War battles and in the 1899 Spanish-American War. The baseball team was still informally called both "Wolverines" and "Tigers" in the news. Upon entry into the majors the ballclub sought and received formal permission from the Light Guard to use its trademark and from that day forth it is officially the Tigers. In short, the Tigers most likely wore stripes because they were already Tigers, rather than the other way around which is the conventional story. The "Tigers" name originates from the 19th century military unit that was based in the city and held the same name. They are nicknamed "the Motor City Kitties", "the Bengals", and "the Tigs." The slogan, "Bless You Boys," was originated by TV sportscaster Al Ackerman during the Tigers' 1984 wire-to-wire world series winning season, but it was never a nickname for the team. Detroit's major league baseball team got their nickname, "Tigers", from the socks they wore as part of their uniform in their early years in the first decade of the 1900's. Their socks were black and orange-striped, hence, looking like the fur coat of a tiger.
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Is there a Detroit Tigers Hall of Fame?

I believe there is but I have found no information concerning who is in it. I have put a link on this page that has discussions concerning the Detroit Tiger Hall of Fame. If this doesn't get you the answers you are looking for you could always try the Tigers offices:. Detroit Tigers Comerica Park 2 ( Full Answer )

How did Detroit get its name?

It was founded by Frenchman Cadillac and has a French name meaning by or near a strait or channel.

Who were the Detroit Tigers' pitchers in 1968?

Starters for the 1968 Tigers were: Denny McLain Mickey Lolich Earl Wilson Joe Sparma . Relievers for the 1968 Tigers were:. Fred Lasher Don McMahon Daryl Patterson Jon Warden John Wyatt Pat Dobson

How many Detroit Tiger players live in Detroit?

not many. the ones that do all live in high rises. many players live downtown temporarily when they initially arrive with the team, then move out to the suburbs once they've settled in.

How do the Detroit Tiger uniforms looks?

Plain white jersey with old English D on the right. One of the few teams that still has the same looking home jersey since historical ages.

What is the value of a 1946 Detroit Tigers Program?

1946 Detroit Tigers Program/Scorecard . A 1946 Detroit Tigers Program/Scorecard is worth about $30. -$40. In excellent condition.. As with all collectibles, condition is the most important factor of all providing that the item is authentic. With programs/scorecards the slightest flaws will bring ( Full Answer )

Who were the Detroit Tigers' pitchers in 1981?

Pitchers that appeared in at least one game for the 1981 Detroit Tigers:. Jack Morris Milt Wilcox Dan Petry Dan Schatzeder Howard Bailey Kevin Saucier Dave Tobik Aurelio Lopez Dave Rozema George Cappuzzello Jerry Ujdur Larry Rothschild Dave Rucker Dennis Kinney. Jack Morr ( Full Answer )

How did the Detroit Tigers get its name?

In the last years of the 19th Century and Early Years of the 20th Century Detroit had a baseball team sometimes called the Creams or the Wolverines. When George Stallings became the manager of the team he wanted his team to standout so they wore white socks with orange stripes. Early references to t ( Full Answer )

Detroit Tigers baseball players?

Detroit Tigers Active Roster Detroit Tigers Active Roster # Pitchers B/T Ht Wt DOB . 62. Al Alburquerque. R-R. 6'0". 195. Jun 10, 1986. Collin Balester. R-R. 6'5". 200. Jun 6, 1986. 64. Duane Below. L-L. 6'3". 220. Nov 15, 1985. 53. Joaquin Benoit. R- ( Full Answer )

What are the former ballparks of Detroit Tigers?

Since 1901 when the Tigers entered the American League:. 1) Bennett Park: 1901-1911 2) Tiger Stadium: 1912-1999 (Tiger Stadium was known as Navin Field between 1912-1938 and Briggs Stadium between 1938-1960) 3) Comerica Park: 2000-present

What are the names of the ball parks the Detroit Tigers played in?

Since 1901 when the Tigers entered the American League: 1) Bennett Park: 1901-1911 2) Tiger Stadium: 1912-1999 (Tiger Stadium was known as Navin Field between 1912-1938 and Briggs Stadium between 1938-1960) 3) Comerica Park: 2000-present

Detroit tiger players names on the 1984 team?

Glenn Abbott . Doug Bair . Juan Berenguer . Willie Hernandez . Aurelio Lopez . Roger Mason . Sid Monge . Jack Morris . Randy O'Neal . Dan Petry . Dave Rozema . Bill Scherrer . Mit Wilcox . Carl Willis . Matry Castillo . Dwight Lowry . Lance Parrish . Doug Baker . Dave Bergman . Ti ( Full Answer )

Why are the Detroit Tigers called the Tigers?

There are various legends about how the Tigers got their nickname. One involves the orange stripes they wore on their black stockings. Tigers manager George Stallings took credit for the name; however, the name appeared in newspapers before Stallings was manager. Another legend concerns a sportswrit ( Full Answer )

What years did the Detroit Tigers have a yearbook?

Detroit Tigers yearbooks 1934 - 2009 The first year the Detroit Tigers issued a yearbook was in 1934. The cover pictures a batter, and the Detroit Tiger mascot head, and has a value of about $1,000. in excellent - near/mint condition. There was a yearbook issued every year since, with the exception ( Full Answer )

What Detroit tiger was in jail for drugs?

There was not a Detroit Tiger in jail for drugs. I think you are mixing the story with a player arrested for drunk-driving. Yes, back in early October 2009, Miguel Cabrera, the Tigers All-Star first baseman and slugger, was arrested two days before the end of the season and in the middle of a pennan ( Full Answer )

Who coached the 1968 Detroit Tigers?

Manager of the 1968 Tigers was Mayo Smith. Coaches were Johnny Sain, Wally Moses, hal Naragon, and Tony Cuccinello.

Detroit Tigers catcher 2007?

In the 2007 MLB season, the Detroit Tigers starting catcher was #7 Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez.

Who players for the Detroit Tigers?

carlos guillen, alex avila, Austin Jackson, Brandon inge, johnny Damon, miguel cabrera, brennan boesch, jhonny peralta, will rhymes, magglio ordonez, Zach miner, robbie weindhardt, Justin verlander, brad thomas, Jeremy bonderman, ramon santiago, Phil coke, Ryan perry, Jose valverde, rick porcello, E ( Full Answer )

What Detroit tiger played the longest?

The player that played the most seasons with the Tigers was Hall of Famer Al Kaline who spent 22 seasons with the team (1953-1974).

Who was the Detroit Tigers best pitcher?

I would say Armando Galarraga because he almost threw a perfect game. Other than that, I would say Justin Verlander because he threw a no-hitter in 2007.

When did the Detroit Tigers become a team?

The Detroit Tigers' first season of existence was 1894 as a member of the Western League. In 1901, the Western League became the American League and the Tigers were a charter member.

What was the Detroit Tigers 1968 starting lineup?

Al Kaline was out for much of the season with a broken arm, but when he was in there it often looked like this: 1) 2B - Dick McAuliffe 2) 3B - Don Wert 3) RF - Al Kaline 4) LF - Willie Horton 5) 1B - Norm Cash 6) C - Bill Freehan 7) CF - Jim Northup 8) SS - Ray Oyler / Tommy Matchic ( Full Answer )

Is Detroit Tigers a good team?

Yes, the Detroit Tigers are a very good baseball team. The Detroit Tigers have one of the richer histories in baseball. The Tigers have won 4 World Series Championships (1935, 1945, 1968, 1984) and 10 American League pennants (1907, 1908, 1909, 1934, 1935, 1940, 1945, 1968, 1984, 2006). The Tigers h ( Full Answer )

Was Babe Ruth a Detroit Tiger?

No, he was not. Babe Ruth originally broke into the Major Leagues with the Boston Red Sox, as a starting pitcher. He was sold to the New York Yankees, on December 26, 1919. Ruth played his final season in 1935, as a member of the Boston Braves.

Detroit Tigers team 1984 Roster?

The 1984 Detroit Tigers roster consisted of Doug Blair, Jack Morris, Carl Willis, Milt Wilcox, Dave Rozema, Dan Petry, Randy O'Neal, Sid Monge, Glenn Abbott, Jaun Berenguer, Willie Hernandez, Aurelio Lopez, Roger Mason, Dwight Lowry, Marty Castillo, Lance Perrish, Darrell Evans, Rod Allen, Johnny Gr ( Full Answer )

What is the channel of the Detroit Tigers?

The Tigers play almost every game on the channel Fox Sports Detroit (about 150 in a year). It would be channel 663 for DirecTV, channel 30 for Comcast, channel 737 for AT&T U-Verse, and channel 430 for Dish.

What was the Detroit Tigers record in 2009?

86 wins and 77 loses. The final loss was brutal because they were tied with the Minnesota Twins at the end of the season and therefore the two teams played a one game playoff to determine who would win the Central Divison and the Tigers lost that game, the division and did not make the playoffs.

What is Detroit tigers original name?

The Detroit Tigers are one of the few teams to have the same name and play for the same city now as they did originialy. P.S Some people think they used to be the wolverines. They never were, the wolverines were another team in Michigan,but they didn't last long

Do the Detroit Tigers play on turf?

no the play in a outdoor regular field it is called Comerica Park but there are Field with turf (tropicana Field, Target Field, Rogers Dome.) hope that helped

What was the best season for the Detroit Tigers?

The Tigers best winning percentage for a regular season came in 1934 when they went 101-53 for a .656 winning percentage. They won the AL pennant but lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series. The most wins the Tigers had in a regular season is 104 in 1984. They won the AL pennant and d ( Full Answer )

Where do the Detroit Tigers players live?

Many of the players from the Detroit Tigers live in Michigan, whichmakes it easy for them to go home after home games. Miguel Cabreraand his family live in Birmingham, Michigan.

When did the Detroit Tigers form?

The Detroit Tigers were founded in 1894 . They played their first game as a Major League team on April 25, 1901.

What is the mascot of the Detroit Tigers?

PAWS is the mascot of the Detroit Tigers. He's a striped tiger that was officially adopted in May of 1995 by the Detroit Tigers baseball team. His name is officially written by the team in all capital letters.

What is Detroit tigers address?

The Detroit Tigers address is :Detroit Tigers (MLB Team) ComericaPark 2100 Woodward Avenue Detroit, MI 48201 USA