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How did the Egyptians preserve people?

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they kept them in a cooler

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How did the egyptians preserve the brain?

The brain was disposed of. They did not preserve it.

How did the ancient Egyptians preserve the body?

how did they preserve the body

Why did people make mumies?

The Egyptians made mummmies to preserve their bodies for the afterlife.

Why ancient egyptians preserve the body of dead person?

= Why did the ancient Egyptians want to preserve the body of a dead person? =

What did the egyptians think of the afterlife?

The Egyptians thought that people came back during the afterlife in the same body as when they died. This is why Egyptians took care to preserve their bodies after death.

Why did the Egyptians go to great lengths to preserve the dead bodies of people?

The Egyptians went through great lengths to preserve the dead bodies of people because they believed there was an afterlife. They didn't want the bodies to decompose because they would be used again.

What egyptians did to preserve a body?


What did Egyptians put in the pharaohs tombs?

to preserve them

How did Egyptians preserve the deceased?

By means of mummification.

Which race of people used to preserve people as mummies?

The ancient egyptians preserved there people as mummies but mostly pharos and high people in Egypt lol M.V.G

Why did the egyptians mummify their bodies?

They mummified there body to preserve them.

What did the ancient egyptians use to preserve mummies?


How did egyptians mummify their dead?

to preserve the body for the afterlife

The Ancient Egyptians used what to preserve mummies?


Why do Egyptians wrap mummies?

to preserve their body. .l_l

What did Egyptians do to preserve a body 1 word?


What did the Egyptians fill dead bodies with?

They only preserve it

Why did ancient Egyptians embalm bodies?

The embalming of an Egyptians body was to preserve the bodies and remain lifelike for the after life

Why were mummies important to ancient Egyptians?

because the ancient Egyptians thought that you have to preserve your body to go to heaven

Why did the Ancient Egyptians take such special care to preserve the body of the dead?

BECAUSE the ancient egyptians believed that there was a afterlife for dead people but it was not poosible if the bodies were decaying so they preserved the bodies

What chemicals did the ancient egyptians use to preserve bodies?


Why did Egyptians go to great lengths to preserve the bodies of people?

The Egyptians belived if your body was part of your soul and if it perished so would your soul. So in the end the Egyptians preserved the bodies of all minorly important or higher ranked people as a sign of respect to the gods and the dead.

What was the purpose of a mummy for ancient Egyptians?

the Egyptians believed the soul left the mummy,but returned to it for food offerings.Later, the Egyptians began to preserve the bodies artificially.

What process did the ancient Egyptians use to preserve the human body?


How did the climate help the Ancient Egyptians preserve the mummies?

it stops them from decomposing