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Greeks very much liked art. When it came to doing it, most of it would be painting their gods and goddesses.

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Q: How did the Greeks feel about art?
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How did Philip II feel about the Greeks?

He admired their art , ideas , and their armies - Hope It Helps (:

Why do Greeks like art?

There are art lovers everywhere. Why should Greeks be any different?

Why was art important to the Greeks?

Because art is pretty.

What debt did the Romans owe to the ancient Greeks?


How did Greeks art reflect the idea of an ideal form?

The Greeks were striving for perfection of body and mind. Their art reflected that persuit.

Why did the ancient Greeks make art?

cause art is cool

What makes drama an art?

the greeks concidered it a form of art :)

What did the Greeks like to do?

The Greeks loved art. They also loved art, music, and theater. They liked to play games and spend time together.

Roman sculpture is a copy of what art?

Much of Roman art was copied from the Greeks.

Who influenced roman art and literature?

Roman art and literature were influenced by the Greeks

Did the Greeks invent art?

Early Man, long before the Ancient Greeks, was making pictures.

How did the Romans differ from the Greeks in their art that shows the human body?

The Greeks created it. The Romans copied them.

What traditional art are the Greeks known for?


Did the ancient Greeks create art?


Who invented Greek art?

Probably the Greeks...

Who influenced the Romans art?

Mostly the Greeks.

What Two items did the Romans borrowed from the Greeks?

Art and Monotheism.

What did the Greeks mostly use in their art?


What form of art did Ancient rome enhance?

The art rome enhanced was from the Greeks it is now called Roman-greco art

Why did ancient Greeks create art?

The Ancient Greek people made Art to Remember their gods

What describes the relationship between Greek and Roman art?

Greeks were heavily influenced by Roman art.

Ancient greek and roman works?

The art of the ancient Greeks and Romans is called classical art.

Ancient greek and roman works-?

The art of the ancient Greeks and Romans is called classical art.

How did roman ideas of art differ from those of the Greeks?

No they were not

What dis the Romans borrow from the Greeks?

their architecture and art

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