How did the Inca method of conquering other tribes differ from the Aztec method?


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i love johnny oh Aztec conquered by spy and Inca slowly.

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Hernán Cortés made an expedition to what we call Mexico today with the goal of conquering the Aztec people

The 2 main Aztec warrior tribes were the Jaguars and Eagles.

Hernan Cortez was responsible for conquering the Aztec empire. He also destroyed the entire empire, too.

Cities were destroyed by conquistadors when they were conquered; such as Hernan Cortes conquering the Aztecs, Francisco Pizarro conquering the Incas, and Pedro de Alvarado conquering the Mayans.

Aztec mostly went to war with the other Aztec tribes

Aztec people and the tribes they conquered all travelled entirely on foot.

Aztec clans were different tribes of the Aztec community. The clan names varied and were determined by the family names.

i think you mean Aztec Empire and to answer your question the Aztec empire was one of the most powerful Indian tribes known to man

How did Inca society differ from the Aztec and Maya societies in Mesoamerica? -Well that wasn't helpful

There was no excuse. They invaded right away, conquering the Aztec civilization.

I believe the Conquistadors' conquering of the Aztec and Incan empires.

Hernando Cortez is best known for conquering the Aztec empire 1521.

They plundered and smashed women from neighboring tribes.

By conquering the Aztec and the Inca and by forcing people to become part of their native

Theconquistadorshad better weapons. They also had brought over disease likeChickenPox. The other advantage they had was that they allied with some tribes in the Aztec empire to fightagainst other Aztec tribes.

Hernan Cortes conquered most of Mexico by conquering the Aztec empire. In 1521, the Aztec Empire was officially defeated and Cortes was named governor of Mexico.

they all were native american tribes

The Mayas,The Omec, and the Aztec

The Mayans and the Aztec have in common is that they are both Indian tribes !!

The Aztec were constatly fighting most tribes around and forced them into servitude and payment of taxes. Therefore, when the Spaniards came they were seen as an opportunity to get rid of the Aztec which were NOT liked or welcomed.

The most famous Aztec ruler was Moctezuma II, who became the Aztec ruler in 1502. He succeeded the previous ruler, Ahuitzoti. The ruler who established the Aztec empire was Itzcoati. He had conquered other native Tribes in Mexico.

Hernando De Cortes was most known for finding Mexico and conquering the Aztec empire.

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