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Q: How did the Italian impact there food when they come to Australia?
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What Italian food was brought to Australia?


Why is Italian food popular in Australia?

Because its yummy

Is lasagna a Australian food?

no it is Italian but is eaten in Australia

How has Italy influenced food in Australia?

many italian restrants

What is Former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd's Favourite Food?

Italian Pastas and Italian Cheeses

What is an Italian food brought to Australia?

spaghetti, lasagne, canneloni, etc

What is the Australia favoritefood?

Australia doesn't have a favourite food, we are a multi-cultural country, so we eat all types of food from Chinese to Italian

What impact did the Italians have on Australia?

food -pizza drink -wine Thankx

How has Italian foods influenced Australian cuisine?

There is quite a large section of Italian food preparation needs in all Australian Supermarkets. Italian styles of food are well accepted throughout Australia.

What types of food did Italians bring to Australia?

They bought stuff like pasta and pizza! All the Italian food you can think of!

What has made an impact on Australia and why?

Europeans did because europeans brought animals and weird food

How did the tradition of Italian cooking originate in Tuscany?

Tuscany is the place in Italy where many of the ingredients for Italian food come from.