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How did the Japanese treat the people they conquered?


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Absolutely horribly. With extreme cruelty, barbarity and savagery. The men were sometimes forced to work for the Japanese as slave laborers. Women were raped and then killed, or forced to be "comfort women" (prostitutes) for the Japanese Army, in Army-operated brothels. At least they were not murdered immediately. Everybody else in Asia despises the Japanese to this day, not just for what they did, but for the fact that they won't admit it, and see nothing wrong in what they did. See the "Rape of Nanking", where Japanese troops were allowed free rein for six weeks after capturing that Chinese city. 300,000 Chinese civilians died in those next six weeks in Nanking.


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As taught by the warrior code of the Japanese (Bushido), they treated conquered peoples as slaves, and prisoners were often abused or killed.

They exiled conquered people and often made them slaves.

japanese people treat thier elders with a to of respect!

The Vikings treated the people they conquered badly. They used them as slaves.

The Spanish of the 1500's did not treat the people they conquered well. They burned villages and took all possessions. :D

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They sacrificed them to their gods.

They would exile the people they conquered and make them slaves. They basically ruled them with an iron fist.

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The Assyrians exiled the people they conquered out of their homelands or took them in as slaves. The Assyrians treatment was brutal but very popular.

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He was very cruel and used chains and whips

Rome treated conquered people generously because Rome knew the people would be more loyal to the government if well treatedRomans knew that conquered people would be more loyal to the government if well treated.

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How did the Romans treated people they conquered?They would mostly leave them alone except if they didn't obey their rules.Rome Generally treated its defected enemies with justice.

A single powerful leader, the Aztec emperor, ruled these lands that they conquered. All the people he conquered were forced to pay him tribute, or heavy taxes, in the form of food, gold, or slaves. Right in the book if you just read :)

At first, they treated them with fairness but much more crule as the empire went on.

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