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The old wooden viaduct connecting Fenit Harbour to the mainland was replaced with a ferro-concrete structure. This is unconfirmed but firmly believed locally. Any other details would be greatly appreciated. MOC

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Q: How did the Marshall Plan help Ireland?
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What was the name of the plan proposed to help restore Europe?

The Marshall Plan.

What was the Marshall Plan?

The Marshall plan was the US program of economic aid to European countries to help them rebuild after WW 2.

Which region of the world did the US help to rebuild with the marshall plan?

The US helped rebuild western Europe with the Marshall Plan.

What was the name of the loan plan to help rebuild Europe after ww2?

The Marshall Plan

Definition of Marshall Plan?

The Marshall Plan was a U.S. program of economic aid to European countries to help them rebuild after World War II.

Did the Marshall Plan work?

Marshall Plan did not work but it did help to restore some economies, it could not stop the takeover of communism in certain countries.

What was marshall plan aid money used for?

to help Europe

How many counties did the Marshall plan help?

absolutely none

Which countries did the marshall plan not help?

I dont know either

What was the main goal of the Marshall Plan?

to help rebuild europe

What was main goal of the Marshall Plan?

to help rebuild Europe

When was the marshall plan made?

The Marshall Plan was used to help revitalize Europe's economy ($13 billion). This occurred between the years of 1948 and 1951.

What was the goal of the marshall plan?

The goal of the Marshall Plan was to rebuild the economies of western Europe to prevent the spread of communism.

What was the name of the US plan to help Europe rebuild from all of the devastation it faced?

Marshall Plan

How did the Truman Doctine and the Marshall Plan help foreign policies?


What did the marshall plan do in 1947?

It provided help to nations to rebuild after WWII.

What did the Marshall Plan mainly focus on?

providing economic help to Europe

Who funded the marshall plan?

The Marshall plan was to help restore Europe after WWII, helping the people there turn toward productive jobs to help themselves. It was funded by the U.S. taxpayer, carried out by the U.S. Government.

How did marshall help to lead the allies to victory in world war 2?

Marshall Plan would help Europe quickly rebuild and modernize for the war.

What plan did the US develop to help the europeans after world war 2?

Refer to the ERP/Marshall Plan .

Was the Marshall plan a loan?

The Marshall Plan was, indeed a loan. No, the Marshall plan was not a loan. It was aid. There were loans made but they were not part of the Marshall Plan itself.

What projects in Ireland were funded by the Marshall Plan?

In Northern Ireland, I'm not sure, though I think it centred round education, health, social welfare, etc. Southern Ireland was refused aid under the Marshall Plan on the grounds that they had been neutral during WW2. Ireland did get some aid for being "Neutral" on the allied side - not detaining crashed US & British air crews etc. (Gremans were interned). The reconstruction of the viaduct at Fenit Harbour, Co. Kerry, was, I believe, funded from the Marshall Plan. I cannot get any confirmation or other details.

What was the Marshall Plan and its goal?

The Marshall Plan was Secretary of State George C. Marshall's plan for the U.S to offer economic aid to the European nations to help recover from WWII.

What methods did the marshall plan use to contain the spread of communism?

The Marshall plan used economic support of recovering European nations to help contain the spread of communism.

Which region of the world did the United states help to rebuild with the Marshall plan?

The Marshall plan helped rebuild war ravaged Europe (and Japan) after World War II