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How did the Natives and the English colonists interact with one another?

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the native americans helped the english but the english betrayed them and enslaved them.

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How did Spain interact with Native Americans?

They interacted as family and as betrayers from another land. These people called natives shouldn't have been treated with such disrespect thats what i believe and i stick with that story with my life!

How did Samuel de Champlain interact with the Natives?

Champlain had a bad relationship with native they came to greet him and he shot them and called them savages and never did like them Samuel de Champlain worked with the natives once because he was trading with them in new France. he had to attack another tribe by helping one

How many natives were in Antigua when the English first arrived?

It was the Spanish who first arrived in 1493 in the Island group that includes Antigua, at that time occupied by small numbers of Arawaks. These natives were replaced at some time around 1500 by Island Caribs, who seem to have taken over by force after a long period of warfare with the Arawaks. The English colonists arrived in 1632, but they seem to have been unable to distinguish between one native group and another (despite the language differences). No count of the native population was ever made, so it is not possible to say how many natives were in Antigua at that time. The Caribs of Antigua were wiped out in 1640.

What processes require the chloroplasts and mitochondria to interact with one another?

Photosynthesis and respiration require the chloroplasts and mitochondria to interact with one another.

True or false organ systems do not interact with one another?

It is false because they do interact with one another that is how the organ systems work together.

What is a another word for natives?

Native Americans or first nations

What is another word for residents?

Citizens, habitants, occupants, natives.

Why did king george send 10000 troops to the colonies?

He sent 10,000 troops to the colonies to try to prevent colonists from moving beyond the Appalachian Mountains (into the Ohio River Valley). He didn't want them moving into the Natives territory because they might start another war. The English were already broke from the French and Indian War (7 Years War).

How do organisms on an ecosystem interact with each other?

The main way these organisms interact with one another is the Food Chain.

By 1500 natives of north America had?

fought frequently with one another.

What is another name for A New Zealand Polynesian?

A Maori, they are the natives to NZ.

How does the electromagnetic force of an object interact with the gravitational pull of the earth on the object?

It doesn't. Forces don't interact with one another. Both forces interact with the object, in this case.

What did many colonists do about the tax on imported goods?

many colonists decided to boycott from another country

Why do hamsters communicate?

Usually to interact with another hamster or human.

How does sharks interact with one another?

Sharks can not connect, and you are alone.

What is another word for correlate?

compare, connect, interact, equate

How do organisms of the rainforest interact with one another?

by hunting one another helping one another and even decomposing one another

What is another word for villagers?

Townspeople, citizens, natives, inhabitants, townsfolk, residents.

How can you interact with people on pony wood game without joining?

You can't. The only way to interact with another player if by joining the site :)

How do animals in the tropical rain forest interact?

They interact because when one animal eats another it reduces it which causes the population to go up

Group of population that interact with one another is?

Group of populations interacting with one another forms a community.

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to make another living being or another kind of the type

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they kind of make a clicking sound

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