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How did the Nazi's attempt to establish a New Order in Europe after their military victories and what were the results?


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June 02, 2015 2:21PM

The 1939-1942 Nazi victories emboldened them to build an Aryan society by the mass killings of Jews, Gypsy's, and the mentally-and-physically impared. While they brutally killed some 8 million in the concentration camps, their idea of an Aryan society died under the flames of Berlin when it was conquered by the Soviet troops who were avenging Hitler's invasion of their country and Germany's unconditional surrender to the Allies.

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April 22, 2010 1:07AM

From the book:

Racial considerations played an important role in how conquered peoples were treated in the Nazi New order. German civil administrations were established in Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands because the Nazis considered their peoples Aryan, racially akin to the Germans and hence worthy of more lenient treatment. "Inferior" Latin peoples, such as the occupied French, were given military administrations. By 1943, however, as Nazi losses continued to multiply, all the occupied territories of northern and western Europe were ruthlessly exploited for material goods and workers for Germany's war needs.