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Q: How did the Panama Canal get built?
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Related questions

What was a canal built in Panama?

The Panama Canal was a canal built in Panama.

What country built the Panama Canal?

the USA built the panama canal

Which president built Panama Canal?

Theodore Roosevelt built the panama canal.

Who discovered the Panama Canal?

No one found it. Panama Canal was built

Why was the Panama Canal built in Panama?

The Panama canal was built in Panama because that is the narrowest point between North and South America.

How did the US obtain the Panama Canal?

They Built the panama Canal.

Who was the president wen the panama canal was built?

fredy geogasty was the president when the panama canal was built

Why is the Panama Canal called the Panama Canal?

because it was a ship that was going to built in Panama

Where was the Panama Canal built?

they had to decide to build the canal in Nicaragua or panama they chose to build it in panama .

Why was the Panama Canal put in Panama?

The Panama Canal was built in Panama because it was easier to build with little of land

Who built the canal of panama?

United States built the Panama Canal.

Who built the fist Panama Canal?

The United States, under president Teddy Roosevelt built the Panama Canal.

Who biult the Panama Canal?

Ferdinand de Lesepps built the Panama Canal

In which country is the Panama Canal built?


What was built in panama in the early 1900s?

The Panama Canal was built in Panama in the early 1900's

Was the panama canal built in a desert area?

No, the Panama canal was built in a mountain range, thats why the had problems with mud slides

Who built the Panama Canal and when?

The United States of America built the canal in 1914.

How do the people interact with the environment in Panama?

They built the Panama canal.

Why was the panama canal built to connect what?

It was built to connect the Pacific with the Atlantic.

What was the need to build the Panama Canal?

The Panama Canal was built to connect the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

How was grand canal built?

the Panama canal was man made.

What canal was built when Teddy Roosevelt was president?

Panama Canal

Why did the Panamanians want the return of the panama Canal Zone?

The Panama Canal is located in the country of Panama. The US took control of the canal zone and built the canal. The Panamanians want control of the canal so that they can realize the revenue.

Who built the Panama Canal and why did they do it?

the u.s.a

Did Cuba built the Panama Canal?