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women in Russia were for the revolution but also against it.wome n women there husbands to be proed but not killed.


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In the early 1800s the industrial revolution began to change the economic roles of men and women

The major cause of the Russian revolution was poverty and the lack of respect for the common people. Women who were angry because there was no bread!

women who were angry because there was no bread

The Industrial Revolution increased employment opportunities for women.

One of the roles of women in the industralization was the starting beginning of it. They started the taking in system also known as outwork where women would do work in the textile industries from home and get paid for it. =)

they made women look as they were a item

they we able to work because of the industrial revolution

The French Revolution made it so women could inherit property, and get divorces.

During World War 2, women were involved in war work and as members of the military.

Women played many roles during the Revolution. They were supporters at home while their husbands were away. They also followed camps and made meals, and even fought in the war at times.

The year was 1917, not 1971, because of the Russian Revolution

Women's roles became more valued for their aid in the revolution and were under the idea of "Republican motherhood" or mothers for the new nation.

dont take this answer down, women belong in the kitchen making sandwiches

well it effect them by doing work all day

women began to speak out about issues that affected their ability to raise their children.

women began to speak out about issues that affected their ability to raise their childern

Women began to speak out about issues that affected their ability to raise their children

Because the Tsar's soldiers opened fire on women and children protesting for bread. This then lead to inflation and a shortage of bread, which was then rationed. Then caused the Russian revolution.

Women gained more rights after the Cuban Revolution, increased opportunities in the workplace, and the ability to participate in government. The revolution began in 1953.

Generate facts about differences between men and women that were used to prove male dominance.

Women did gain some rights, but were still in effect second-class citizens.

There are many things that Americans think about Russian women. Americans typically think that Russian women are athletic and musical.

the main roles of the iroqouis women is to take care of the clan

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