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They had to meet a certain standard for production time.

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Q: How did the Scientific Management theory affect factory workers?
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Management is the study of management likewise the study of what manager do?

Managers are responsible for the daily operations of the organization. They are leaders of the organization who inspire and affect the behaviors of the workers.

How did changes in a factory system affect workers?

The most beneficial changes in any society with factory workers is a union with the ability to negotiate wages and benefits for its members. This is accomplished under laws regarding unions and workers. Workers also must be allowed to vote for union officials. With free trade unions, working conditions and wages will improve.

How did the changes in the factory system affect workers in the late 1800?

conditions got better in factory life, due to new saftey laws. There was also shorter hours and larger wages.

How Taylorism affect worker?

Taylorism, or Scientific Management for those who don't know what it is, was supposed to make workers more efficient. Fredrick Taylor knew that some workers were different from others and what might work for one wouldn't for another. So, the workers got payed accordingly. This created a divided workplace as you could imagine. They worked harder to show that deserved more money and better housing. It angered them. They fought.

How did the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire affect the International Ladies Garment Workers Union?

The ILGWU (International Ladies Garment Workers Union did not exist at the time of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire. The union was the LGWU (Ladies Garment Workers Union). It grew because of the fire.

How does culture affect the international management?

how does culture affect in international management

What is the internal threats?

threats can be internal and external. Internal threats are like deseases that people get especially for workers in a factory, they will affect the business and a loss of workers will mean that the rest of the workers will have to do their work.It is something that happens within a factory, school,etc. External threat is like Arab attacked Amerika and the 2 twin towers collapsed because of them. This kinnd of thing is called "Terrorism". It is something that ocurred out of the country.

How do you virtual enterprises affect to the operations management?

how to affect virtual enterprises to operations management?

Areas where computers affect management?

List and explain the three areas of how computers affect management

How did the shirtwaist fire affect the international ladies garment workers union in New York?

The union quickly organized almost all female clothing workers in the city.

How did policy of fordism affect workers?

The policy of Fordism affect workers because they gained higher wages and could buy more goods.

How does a toy factory affect the geosphere?