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We vote on which member of the tribe is the next leader, it used to be the eldest son of the current chief that would be the next leader, but that didn't turn out well so we started to do a voting process.

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How did the Mohawk tribe choose a leader?


How did the Miami tribe choose their leader?

they held cerimonies

Why did the Powhatan tribe choose Chief Powhatan as their leader?

He was the child of the past leader

Who is the leader of the wakashan tribe?

who is the leader of the wakashans tribe

What tribe was cameahwait the leader of?

leader of the Shoshone Indian Tribe

How do they choose a leader in China?

the leader choose the next leader .

Who was the leader of the Tlingit Tribe?

Richard J. Peterson was the leader of the Tlingit tribe

What tribe was boudicca the leader of?

The eastern tribe

What happens when an aboriginal tribe leader dies?

Another elder takes their place until the tribe decides the next tribe leader.

What is the leader of the bedouin tribe or clan called?

The leader of the Bedouin tribe or clan is called a shaykh.

What is a leader of an Arab tribe called?

The leader of an Arab tribe is call a shaikh or sheikh.

Who led the wampanoag tribe?

who was the wampanoaog tribe leader

How did Plains Indians choose their chief?

The Plains Indian choose there leader by good behavior and by being with the tribe for many years and showing Alot of respect for the Tribe. If they did something very good or Amazing for the Tribe all the groups would come together and have a vote of if he should be the leader to make commands for the Tribe and to stick up for the tribe. The Chief or leader of the Group would make the events for the following day like for an Example for a fishing tournament or to have a feast on a certain day. Being a leader or chief could be very dangerous in battle with another tribe because if you are in combat with another tribe they always would go for the chief first because if the chief died the group will flee from battle. Then in a couple more years another chief would be chosen

Who was the leader of Nez Perce tribe in 1877?

Chief Joseph was the leader of the Nez Perce tribe in 1877

Was Jacob supposed to be leader of the Quileute tribe?

yes, the original quileute tribe leader was related to Jacob

Who is Mayans leader?

the leader of the Mayan tribe is Montezuma.

How does France choose a leader?

By 18 france can vote and choose their leader.

Who chose the leaders in the ottowa tribe?

The leader of the tribe was pontiac

Did the Karankawa Indians have a democracy?

The members of the Karankawa tribe would choose a civil leader. To that extent, it is a democracy. The war chief was always the son of the oldest man of the tribe. That leans towards being a monarchy. Women did not have any power. The tribe is now extinct.

Does the Yuki tribe have a leader?

Yes, they do. The Yuki tribe has a head-chief.

How did the ojibwa people choose a leader?

They choose there leader by there knoldege and skills in hunting and fishing

What has the author James Brow written?

James Brow has written: 'Shuswap of Canada' -- subject(s): Shuswap Indians, Social life and customs, Psychology

Who is the leader of the Muslim tribe?


Did the kiowa tribe have a leader?

Yes they did.

What was the leader of tribe cree?


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