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How did the US try to avoid submarine warfare?


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sure why not.

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Germany's return to unrestricted submarine warfare.

In WW1, the German policy of unrestricted submarine warfare irritated neutral nations such as the United States and eventually helped public opinion to support the US entry into the war. In WW2 the German policy of unrestricted submarine warfare in the Atlantic irritated nominally neutral nations such as the United States and provided a rationale for increasing US support of Britain and its allies. In WW2 the American policy of unrestricted submarine warfare in the Pacific probably contributed to the degradation of Japanese economic capabilities as the war progressed.

1. Unrestricted Submarine Warfare 2. Sinking of several US ships

We warned them not to return to "un-restricted warfare." They did it anyway; we declared war.

announced its policy of unrestricted submarine warfare

resumed submarine warfare against neutral shipping

-German unrestricted submarine warfare BY: Adreonna Jackson :)

The announced resumption of un-restricted submarine warfare.

Unrestricted submarine warfare and the Zimmerman Telegraph

American citizens died when German submarines sank European ships.

in 1914 they entered the war because of propaganda,sinking of lusitania, submarine warfare etc

German u boats were attacking civilian ships. Many US trade ships, and civilian transport ships were attacked. when the USS lusitania sunk and 100 US citizens died, the US declared war on Germany becuz of Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare

A submarine sunk the liner 'Lusitania'. Many Americans died. USA was horrified, declared war on Germany.

Because a German submarine was responsible for the sinking of the Luisitania, with many American citizens on board.

One of the first instances of lost US lives in WW1, and introduced the US to unrestricted submarine warfare; as well as a public cry against UN-restricted sub warfare.

Submarine warfare was abhorrent in the US during WW1. The British sank US ships trying to enter blockaded German ports. The same is true of US ships trying to enter blockaded British ports. However the Germans use submarine warfare to sink a USS Lusitania. That was the tipping for the US. Prior to then we were not wanting to get into "entangling alliances.

The Central Powers announced they were going to resume un-restricted submarine warfare (sinking ships without warning); they had been warned by the US NOT to.

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