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It provided the food, guns, planes, ships, medicines etc to win the war

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Militarily and with war production and its assets as the "bread basket" of the world.

Seeing as Pennsylvania is part of the United States and the United States fought for the Allies in World War I, yes.

America helped it's allies during World War 2 by shooting people and stuff. they were smart.

Allies are your teamates. You help them and they help you. In war Allies are considered to be your friends, you may not like them but you have to work with them. The oppisite to allies would be enemies.

Who were the first allies in world war 1?

The Allies formed an international peace-keeping organization. It is also call UN.

they sold weapons and supplies to the allies

Canada was one of the Allies.

The Americans helped the Allies by sending resources to them during WWI.

Allies in World War II

The invention of the finest 1945 Chardonnay

Russia, Britain and France were the Allies in World War 1.

Americas allies did most of the fighting, do your research and stop asking broad questions

By far the greatest amount of war production occurred in the United States. Michael Montagne

The US had an amazing capacity for mass production which helped the Allies win World war 2/--The Question concerns WWI It was an economic powerhouse. The war was not fought on American soil, and the US did not enter the war until its troops could tip the balance in favor of the Allies.

Marshall Plan would help Europe quickly rebuild and modernize for the war.

The allies needed American forces to aid them during the war because Russia was pooping all over their supplies and the allies wanted America to get it off

with the help of 2 important items: 1:RADAR 2:ABOMB how the allies won WW2

By defeating the Axis powers, with help from several allies.

That question doesn't make one bit of sense.

We joined the war after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

To help allies and establish stable economy and political conditions

Well they did have Allies because back in world war 1 they asked us and we agreed so then we help them fight the Germans and we would've some say they would of lost the war if we didn't help them

The Japanese bombed the United States causing them to join the war. The Allies gained a very powerful allie in the War when U.S.A came in