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They didn't. Sport was done in the nude.

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Q: How did the athletes dress for an event in the ancient Greek Olympics?
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How did the athletes dress for an event in the ancient Olympic Games?

They didn't. Greek athletes competed naked.

How do you dress up like an ancient Greek person?

how to dress up like a ancient Greek person coming from a festival

What did ancient Greek bride wear as a wedding dress?

the brides wore a red dress and the men were nude

What has the author Marie Johnson written?

Marie Johnson has written: 'Ancient Greek dress' -- subject(s): Clothing and dress

What did the first athletes wear while competing?

Depends on when in history you think the first athletes appeared. In ancient Greece nude and oiled up was the most common sports dress.

How did Aphrodite dress?

In any way that was found appealing to a ancient artist or poet to describe or detail, she had no official dress code in Greek mythology.

How did men in Ancient Greek dress?

Togas were popular. The god's wore more luxurios things though, such as gold.

Did the Ancient Greek Women change their dress for celebrations?

The woman who were very rich did change their dress for celebrations because they had about 10 diffrent dresses. the poor ones only have a choice of 1.

What did greek women wear?

a dress

What are facts about the greek dress?


How did ancient India women dress?

did anywoman doctor in ancient india

Greek word for a dress?

Φόρεμα [fOrema]

Greek word of dress?

φόρεμα (forema).

How did the Ancient Olympians dress?

They competed naked.

How did ancient Greece men dress?

in mankinis

How did the tyrannys dress in ancient Greece?


What did the ancient greek women wear?

Usually, women wore more of dress like outfit. Wearing a white dress shows more wealth or importance, meanwhile, if you wear more colours,... so yeah. Hope it helped.

What did the winners of the Ancient games receive?

apples and a head dress! apples and a head dress!

Did married women dress as men to watch the Olympics?

no because they were poofters

How much does a greek wedding dress cost?


What are some examples of ancient technology?

Ancient Technology's Example: 1. Egyptian Dress

How did men dress in ancient Greece?

they dressed in clothes.

What color dress did ancient Romans marry in?


Why did the ancient Celts dress up at Halloween?

At Halloween, the ancient Celts used to dress up in costumes, thinking that it would scare away evil spirits.

What is the greek national dress?

The Greek national dress is known as the Amalia dress. The outfit consists of loose fitting silk shirt with lace neck and embroidered jacket. The skirt is ankle length and made of pleaded silk.