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How did the atomic bomb effect environment?


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January 22, 2012 6:34AM

Point 1: Water is contaminated. This is cause after the radioactive particles (NOT found in the radio sets!. oh-it is harmful to living things too!) being released by A-bomb, it went to the soil and, when the rain comes (usually immediately after the explosion, as the result of huge heat energy being released where water found on soil were evaporated immediately.), the particle flows to seas or rivers. This causes all the marine life to die in matter of time.

Point 2: The area is nuked that too much radioactive particles will kill including humans. So no one can live the nuked area for years.

Point 3: As the soil is contaminated by the radioactive particles, the soil could not grow crops. All plants turns to lifeless.

Point 4: All the effects wear down very slowly. Especially the natural bomb- The Uranium Bomb that requires millions of years as one half-life. One half-life meant half of the radioactive particles had decayed. When all have decayed,the radioactive particles are gone and life starts to grow back. Sadly,half-life is something no one could control.So let nature take its course. For the half-life of uranium-