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How did the band Nickelback get its name?


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The typical defensive set has two corner backs and two safeties (free safety and strong safety). The nickelback is the additional player added on plays when the defense is definitely expecting a passing play. He becomes the fifth, hence nickel, back in the defense's 'secondary' unit.
Nickelback's bass player, (Mike Kroeger) came up with the name. He used to work in a coffee shop (Star bucks) and was constantly saying, "here's a nickel back" when giving change.


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there isn't a previous name.nickelback was and is the name of the band.When they were first starting out in Hanna, Alberta they went by the name of "The Village Idiots"

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Nickelback was the original name of the band; It's lead singer, Chad Kroeger, has played in several bands.

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The band Nickelback was formed in 1995.

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The band Nickelback is not a gang.

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Nickelback is the name of the band. The lead singer's name is Chad Kroeger.

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