How did the battle at Lexington and Concord affect us today?

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The battle was the first shots in a war that would end in1789 with the constitution and Washington taking office as the first president.
Battle at Lexington and Concord is the main reason for open armed conflict between United Kingdom of Britain and thirteen of its colonies on the mainland of British America.
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How did the battle of lexington and concord start?

In the beginning, someone on one of the sides that you speak of made someone of the other side mad enough to take action. If you research this you will find that I am definitely right on this one.

What happened in the battle of Lexington and concord?

Lexington and Concord were the first battles of the American Revolution, not a separate war. British soldiers were sent to seize militia arms and ammunition stored in Concord. They were intercepted by the Minutemen at Lexington Green but the resistance was brief and the Americans withdrew with a f ( Full Answer )

Battles of Lexington and concord?

They were battles in the American revolution and were fought at Lexington, and Concord, respectively.

What caused the battle of lexington and concord?

After the Boston Tea Party the crown had closed the port of Boston, brought in more troops, and passed the Intolerable Acts ( colonial wording) so tensions were high in and around Boston. The British thought that by doing all of this that they would teach the colony respect, but it did the opposite. ( Full Answer )

What was the importance of the battles of Lexington and Concord?

These battles showed that the colonists, although not using the traditional fighting techniques, had a chance against Britain. It highlighted Britain's weaknesses, such as their outdated ways of fighting and their lack of knowledge of the land. It also showed that Britain had terribly underestimated ( Full Answer )

What was the outcome of the battle of Lexington and concord?

These are two battles fought on the same day , April 18, 1775, and were the first shots in the Revolutionary War. Coming from Boston to seize colonial military stores at Concord, Mass., a British force of 700 was met at Lexington by 77 local minutemen Resistance soon ended. The British moved on to n ( Full Answer )

Where was the battle of lexington and concord located?

The Battle of Lexington was at Lexington, Massachusetts The Battle of Concord began at Concord, Massachusetts, and as the heavily outnumbered British retreated, became a running battle all the way back to Boston.

Who won the battle at Lexington and concord?

the colonists won the battle!!!!!!!! * . The Brittish won Lexington and the Colonists (the Contenental Army) won Concord. Both Battles took place on April 19,1775

Why did the Lexington and concord battle start?

Put simply, the British forces in Boston, MA were ordered to find the arms and ammunition of the American Colonists, which were suspected to be in nearby Concord. The Americans were alerted of the intrusion by dozens of Patriot riders who spread the news all across the countryside. When the British ( Full Answer )

Why is the battle of Lexington and Concord important?

The Battle of Lexington and Concord was important because it marked the beginning of The American Revolution. Also it made the Colinistes more confident that the could deafet the British.

What happened after the battle of Lexington and concord?

Congress named a Virginian , George Washington , to command the Continental Army, which is the military force that would carry out the fight against Britain. As Washington prepared for the was, the congress pursued peace. On July 5th the delegates signed the Olive Branch Petition, asking the king to ( Full Answer )

Who led the Lexington and Concord battles?

I'm not sure who led the American militia, but General Thomas Gage ordered the ammunition, and weapons to be hidden. Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith led the troops. And at the Battle of Lexington they were led by Major John Pitcairn.

When did the battles of Lexington and concord start?

The famous battles that began the American Revolutionary War, atLexington and at Concord, began early in the morning of April 19,1775. In Lexington at first light, colonial militia troopsassembled and faced off with the advancing British soldiers.Dispersed quickly by British shots, the Americans met ( Full Answer )

When did battles of Lexington and Concord occur?

The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War. They were fought on April 19, 1775, in Middlesex County, Province of Massachusetts Bay, within the towns of Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Menotomy (present-day Arlington), and Cambridge, near ( Full Answer )

What were the effects of the battles of Lexington and concord?

The major effects of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, was it was the official beginning of the American Revolutionary War. Another major effect was that through the hard work, hardships, and sacrifices that the American Colonists had to make, the United States of America would become a free and ( Full Answer )

What was the battle of Lexington or the battle of concord?

The battles were two major battles on the same day. Lexington happened first on the morning April 19, 1775 when the British patrol marched into the town and met 77 colonial men waiting for them. Shots were fired, several were wounded and killed. The troops set fire to some of the houses and then mar ( Full Answer )

Who led the battle of Lexington and concord?

No one led the battle of Lexington. It was an event that just happened and history does not report who fired the first shot. The British were enroute to Concord when they found the 77 colonist on the Lexington green. Someone fired the first shot and soon a battle began. When it was all done the Brit ( Full Answer )

How did the battle of Lexington and concord end?

It end with the Americans following the British back to their homeland and harming 250 British men. Lexington and Concord are considered the first battles of the Revolution. FOr more information, go check out "Dezirocks1998" on YOUTUBE.!

What was the battle between Lexington and Concord?

i think it was Lexington and concord but i think that was concord because they had those most soilders and they was more Healther SO WHEN WE GO TO THE HISTORY AWNAER WE ARE GOING TO SAY THAT CONCORD WON THAT BALLTE

Facts about the battle of Lexington and concord?

A group of minutemen were told to leave Lexington, as they did someone fired a shot that is known as "the shot heard 'round the world." Both sides started to shoot afte r that shot. When they had stoped eight colonist were killed and ten wounded.

What was the cause of the Lexington and Concord Battle?

General Gage heard that Samuel Adams and John Hancock were meetingin Lexington. He also heard that minutemen were storing weapons inConcord. He ordered more than 700 soldiers to go arrest Hancock andAdams and and find the weapons.

What was the result of the battles of Lexington and concord?

British General Gage learned that the colonists had stored supplies and ammunition at Concord, MA, some 20 miles from Boston. On 19 April 1775, he sent 700 of his troops to seize the munitions and, if possible, capture and arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock. Gage had received information that thos ( Full Answer )

Who led concord in the battle of lexington and concord?

In Lexington, the 77 militiamen were led by Captain John Parker. They stood in ranks on the village green when the British marched into town enroute to Concord. Parker knew they were badly outnumbered and hoped to avoid conflict, but someone - no one knows who - fired a shot. In the battle, eight mi ( Full Answer )

Did the battle of lexington and Concord happen at concord?

The battle of Lexington and Concord were actually two different battles. The Battle of Lexington was fought in Lexington and Battle of Concord was fought in Concord. They are in Middlesex count, Massachusetts.

What was the Aftermath of the battle of Lexington and concord?

The British Solders headed toward Lexington and Concord had set farmhouses on fire as they marched along the road. When the people in the surrounding area saw the light from the flames, they grabbed their guns and ran toward the flames. When the British army retreated from Concord, the groups of has ( Full Answer )

How did the patriots the battle of Lexington and concord?

In the battle of Concord and Lexington, the Patriots were outnumbered but after the battle, they ambushed the British soldiers. Though they lost, they felt proud that they killed many on the ambushed.

What was a cause of the battles Lexington and concord?

In most colonies, Minute-Men were being trained. General Thomas Gage heard about some potential weapons in Concord, and marched British troops up to Concord from Boston to try and get rid of the weapons.

Who fought in the lexington and concord battle?

Lexington was 77 colonial men on the town green meeting 1800 British regulars. These were well trained troops meeting farmers. When they left Lexington for Concord they left several men dead, but coming back from there was harder. Hundreds of colonials met to fight them and as they walked back the 3 ( Full Answer )

What guns were used in lexington and concord battle?

The British most certainly used the .75 cal musket known as the Brown Bess. 1st and 2nd model land patterns dating from 1728 and 1760s. The colonists were diversely armed with muskets obtained by buying, stealing or bribing and muskets made in the colonies by the Committees of Safety and Fowlers tha ( Full Answer )

What cause the battle of Lexington and Concord?

General Thomas Gage commanded the British forces that occupied Boston. Intelligence given to Gage reported that colonial rebels were stockpiling weapons in the town of Concord, Massachusetts. Gage sent a unit of British troops to confiscate the weapons. The local militias of Lexington and Concord re ( Full Answer )

Who was in the Lexington and concord battles?

There were many men in the battle, three of them were Captain John Parker, Colonel James Barrett (Both Colonists), and Lieutenants Colonel Francis Smith.

What are facts about the Lexington and concord battle?

Several Americans were killed,also many werewounded. The first shots were firedjust as the sun was rising atLexington. The British were outnumbered by many,so theydidn't think it was far.

What caused the battle of Lexington in concord?

The Battle of Lexington and Concord was made up of two battles that began on April 18th, 1775. British troops were sent to Concord to capture John Hancock and Samuel Adams , but both men had been warned about the British attack. The night of April 18th, Paul Revere rode through Concord warning ( Full Answer )

What was the battles of Lexington and Concord .?

They were the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. The British Army attempted to seize weapons stored by the American militia in those two towns, and were met with armed resistance.