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The Plague was spread by rats and flea's, and eventually by humans, traveling every were and going on ships. It started in China and moved to other parts of Asia, then eventually got to Europe and England. It started in the south of England and spread everywhere.

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Q: How did the black death come to England?
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What century did the black death come to England?

The Black Death appeared in the 14th century. The earliest report of the Black Death in England was in Weymouth, in June of 1348.

What year did the Black death come to England?


In what year did the black death come to England?


What time did the black death come to to England?

1348 June to 1350 June It was in England for 2 years

When did the black death reach England?

The Black Death reached England between 1348 and 1350.

England during the black death?

the black death came to England aroud the 1300 - 1400

What was the population of England after the black death?

After the Black Death the population of England was roughly 2 million

Did the king of england die from the black death?

No king of england died due to the Black Death

First place in England to suffer from black death?

the first place in England to have the black death is Weymouth

Which was the first town in England to be struck by the Black Death?

The first reports of the Black Death in England were in Weymouth.

Where did people believe the black death had come from?

people believed that the black death came from Europe when the boats brought in imports and exports to London and other parts of England.

Who was King of England when the black death arrived?

Edward III- i think the black death hit England in 1348

What was the epidemic that swept England during Shakespeare's life?

Black Death Black Death

What place in England did the Black death start?

The Black Death did not start in England. It started in either southwest Asia or a port in Genoa, Italy.

Did people in England have black death?


When did the black death strike England?


Where was the black death thought to arrive?


When did the black death arrive in England?

The Black Death arrived in England in 1348black death arrived there. Via traders carrying goods or accidental infected and rats with them. It struck Around 1438.

Did the Black Death come to Canada?

No it did not come into Canada, as Canada was not discovered by Europeans yet. However, the Black death usually refers to Bubonic Plague so if you are talking about modern times the Black death did come to Canada. However, most would agree, the Black Death did not come to Canada

What country was infected the most with the Black Death?

England was the country that was most greatly affected by the Black Death.

What year did black death hit England?

The black death hit England in the summer of 1348. It had been subsided by the end of 1350. Hope this info helps!

What did black death come from?

Infected fleas in cloth from Italy, where the disease originated, was carried to England via trades ships and then it spread.............

How did the people in England find out about the black death in 1348?

There were lots of different ways that people found out about the black death.

What year did the black death hit the UK in?

the black death first came into England i 1348. after hitting Asia

What happened to the king of England after the black death?

He died.