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In the diary of Anne Frank many people die and here is why. Mr. Van Daan was taken off to a gas chamber.

Mr.Dussel was sent back to Germany and died at the Neuengamme concentration camp.

When the SS abandoned Auschwitz, in February 1945, to escape the advancing Russians, they took Peter Van Daan with them on the winter march to the west; he was never heard from again.

Mrs. Frank died in the infirmary barracks at Auschwitz on January 6, 1945.

Mrs. Van Daan died at Belsen concentration camp.

Margot died at the end of Febuary or beginning of March from sickness called typhus.

Anne died shortly after Margot from typhus a sickness, she was not yet sixteen.

Otto Frank survived but none of his family did.

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Q: How did the characters from the diary of Anne frank die?
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What happened to Mr.Frank after he got arrested by the nazi police in the diary of Anne Frank?

he didn't die, but he published Anne Franks diary.

Who is Anne Frank and why did she die?

Anne Frank was a young girl with a diary she wrote and is now a very famous book, she died of old age? or by something else

What is the ending of the diary of Anne Frank?

anne margot peter mrs van daan mr van daan and mrs frank all die in the concentration camps

Did Anne Frank die in the Diary of Anne Frank?

No because she could not possibly talk about herself dying, when she wrote the book herself. That is not possible. But she did die from typhoid in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, when she was 15.

Whendid Anne Frank die?

when did anne frank die and what year

Where did Anne Franks parents die?

anne Frank's mother died at the concentration camp she (and anne frank and her sister, margot) got sent to after getting caught in hiding.anne Frank's father survived the ordeals Jews got put through at the concentration camps and went on to publish anne franks diary (also known as The Diary Of A Young Girl), which became the world's most famous diary

When did Anne and Margot Frank die?

Margot lived, but her sister died of Typhus in Auchwitz. Margot gave Anne's diary to their father whom published it in memory of Anne.

How did MrDussel die from the diary of Anne Frank?

Albert Dussel died in a gas chamber in Neuengamme camp 1945

Does Anne Frank Love Peter So much that she'll die for him?

Yes...In fact in her Diary she said that she is in love with Peter.

Did Anne Franks parents die in the Holocaust?

Anne Frank and her mother died during the Holocaust after the Nazis found the building she was hiding in. Anne Frank and her sister died of typhus in a concentration camp when she was 15. Her diary was saved by Miep Gaes, one of the people that hid the Frank family. The diary was later giver to her father when he was liberated from Auschwitz.

What day did Anne Frank die?

Anne Frank died on a friday.

Did anne Frank's parents die too?

Sadly Anne's Mother, Sister, and Friend had died. Anne's dad was still alive and lonely. He is the one who made her secret diary a major hit.

What age did Anne Frank die?

Anne Frank died at the age 15.

What age did Anne Frank die in?

Anne Frank died at the age of 15.

Did Anne Franke die first?

Anne Frank was not the first person to die. Anne Frank's sister Margot was the first one to die in the family.

Did Anne Frank's father die in the Holocaust?

He survived, edited Anne's now famous diary and got it published. :) At that time neither he nor the publisher imagined that the short book would make Anne Frank the most famous Holocaust victim of all.

When did Anne Frank die and what year?

Anne Frank died in March 1945 of Typhus.

In the Diary of Anne Frank when did Hanneli Goslar's mother die?

November 2, 1942... She died during child birth and the baby did also! :(

Did Anne Frank die in the gas chambers?

Anne Frank died of Typhus in March of 1945.

Did Anne Frank die on a Friday?

The exact day and date of Anne Frank's death is not known.

What did Anne Frank and her sister die of?

Anne Frank and her sister Margot both died of typhus.

What city did Anne Frank die in?

Anne frank died in the city called Bergen Belson

How did Anne Frank and Margot Frank die?

Anne Frank and her sister, Margot died in 1945 from Typhus in Bergen-Belsen.

What year die Anne Frank's father die?

Otto Frank died in 1980.

What type of Typhus did Anne Frank die from?

She died of pandemic typhus. I really miss Anne Frank.