How did the chicken cross the road joke originate?

you know how people always say how did the chicken cross the road weel that's because in around 1930s in Texas it was market day and a man was selling chickens he had just sold one and was reaching down to get the chicken when i t all of a sudden got scared and ran of acroos the road and the man who had just bought the chicken said hey why did the chicken cross the road so for a joke the man who was selling the chickens said he needed the toilet and that i where the joke why did the chicken cross the road came from

^^LOL THATS COMPLETELY WRONG. The real origination of the joke is. In the medieval times when they didnt have cars or plastic forks, a man traveled back from the future which to us is now the future. Went to the bar, got very very very drunk and then told the joke really loud. Everyone laughed like drunk idiots and then the time traveler died from alchohol poisoning. And thats why dolphins no longer have legs. And yes, I know wat Im talking about.
-Love, Jason