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Q: How did the cold war lead to globlization?
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What does the cold war lead to?

We have no idea.

What 3 wars did the cold war lead to?

The three wars that the cold war lead to was 1. Korean war 2. Vietnam war 3. the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union

How did policy of brinkmanship lead to the cold war?

they wanted to rebuild the empire during the cold war.

How did war time conferences that lead to the cold war?

Atomic weapons created the cold war. Not any conferences.

How did The Launching of Sputnik 1 lead to Cold war?

It didnt lead to the cold war, it led to the space race. The cold war was a time of tension between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, and they were during the same time, but Sputnik 1 didnt cause the cold war.

Did Hitler lead the cold war?

Cold war was between US and Soviet Russia, nothing to do with Hitler, he was dead.

Did Lenin lead the USSR in the cold war?

No, Lenin had died in 1924 and the Cold War did not begin till after WWII.

How did the containment policy lead to the cold war?

because the cold war influence many different countries to interfere with the wars

How did mutual distrust and misunderstanding fuel the orgins of the cold war?

they lead to a war i think

What two countries did the cold war lead to actual fighting?

The Cold War led the Soviet Union and Afghanistan to actual fighting.

Why did the cold war lead to a new western world?

now do you mean after the cold war or during. if during it was from all the fear of nuclear attack

How did the enemy citizens react in the cold war?

they react so aggressively and almost lead to destructive war