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Well, matches were not in production yet. The easiest way would be flint and iron, which would cause a spark. Aim for the spark to land on some dry tender (something that burns easy like lint, dried moss or leaves). Once it is smoldering blow gently until one has a small flame. Now add wood shavings (pitch pine works great) and increase the size of you small fire. Now add small twigs then larger pieces of wood. The other way would be with friction, a drill and a bow, "Rubbing two sticks together". The bow turns the drill which is placed on a piece of dry wood. The turning drill causes heat on the dry wood until it begins to smolder. Gently blowing gives it more oxygen as one places tender near the hot spot until it reaches flash point and begins to burn. It works but it is work! Another way is with the use of a fire starter. Kind of like a flint lock pistol. Flint and iron cause a spark on a small amount of gunpowder and lights some tender.

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How do you make a sim in Sims 3 be in a fire?

You can start a fire by cooking and then canceling it when its in the oven.

Why do you need a fire extinguisher in the kitchen?

Many fires start in the kitchen- cooking.

When did cooking start?

At the time when man first got fire The first fire was made by the historious people as you saw in night at the museum. Fire was used for cooking many things like meat and roast vegetables

Is it possible to start a fire on Sims 3?

Yes, the easiest way is to have someone start cooking on a stove. Then cancel the action and just wait for it to catch on fire.

In sims life stories how do you start a fire?

Just start cooking something on your stove then when it is cooking cancel the activity or whatever and make them do something else so they wont go back to it. If you don't want to put it out don't put in a fire alarm.

How do you start a fire on binweevils hunt for weevil x?

you just put the chili pepper beside the cooking pot and it will catch fire

How did the men in the Alamo get their wood for cooking?

They got them for fire. They need fire for cooking.

Can you start a stove fire by throwing stick matches in a pan with pork chops cooking?

Yes. Yes, you can.

What are the advantages of fire?

fire is used for cooking :-)

How did the colonists of South Carolina prepare their food?

by cooking it

Can you suggest me some cooking without fire recipes using horlicks?

with horlick cooking with out fire recipes

Is there a fire in the new stone age and do they use it for cooking?

yes there is definitely fire present that is used for cooking.

What did the Jamestown colonists use to cook?

Pots & pans for cooking

When did men start to cook meat?

As soon as mankind learned to use fire in order to keep warm and to change the character and flavour of raw meat, man started cooking. Cooking meat would have long predated the invention of cooking utensils, since it was only necessary to hold the meat over the fire using sticks, or to place the meat under the fire.

Did the Iroquois use pots for cooking?

no they use wood and fire for cooking

Where did the art of cooking begin?

Back in the cavemen times. They learned how to make fire, and they roasted their meat over the fire. That is cooking.

What year did hunting start?

in caveman days when the earliest men were capable of fashioning hunting tools and fire and means of cooking their prey

What are the 3 kitchen fires?

dry cooking fire grease fire and oven fire

What was the first cooking appliance?


What type of liability insurance do you need for cooking barbecue on festivals?

it's a fire case of fire outbreak while cooking..

What actors and actresses appeared in Cooking with Fire - 2012?

The cast of Cooking with Fire - 2012 includes: Melanie Pineda as Host

What are the release dates for Cooking Under Fire - 2005?

Cooking Under Fire - 2005 was released on: USA: 27 April 2005

How do you kill yourself on sims 2?

Try to cook something challenging with low cooking skill and start a fire or dont eat anything.

At what age should you start cooking?

i think you should start cooking when your parents think its safe enough for you.

What did the ancient egyptians use for cooking?


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