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They supported it. It was only the Republicans who were against slavery. In addition, the Democrats created the Ku Klux Klan.

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Q: How did the democratic party feel about slavery?
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How did the Democratic Party feel about the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

they did not allow slavery

Which political party supported slavery?


What caused the Democratic Party to split regional factions?


Which party was founded expressly as an anti-slavery pro-union party?

The Democratic-Republicans

Over what issue did the Democratic Party break apart in 1860?

The Democratic Party broke apart in 1860 over the issue of slavery.

What issues led the split in the democratic party in the late 1850s?


How did the political developments of the period work to fragment the democratic party and benefit the republicans?

abolishment of slavery and the issue of womens rights fragmented the democratic party

Andrew Jackson was the leader of what political party?

jackson was the first candidate for his Democratic Party. Its last candidate was James Buchanan in 1856. It split over slavery. After a civil war, a new opposition party was formed to counter the Republicans and it took the name Democratic Party, but it had few ties with Jackson's Democratic Party.

What is the southern democratic party?

The Northern Democratic Party was the effect of the splitting of the Democratic Party. As the North kept opposing slavery, the south got aggravated Then, the Democratic party split into the Northern and Southern Democratic Party. In the election of 1860, there were two democrats who ran. One from the south, and one from the north. Because of the Democratic party splitting, the election was won by Republican Abraham Lincoln. If the party had not split, we wouldn't have had Abraham Lincoln as our 16th president.

What was the effect of Bleeding Kansas on the Democratic Party?

The effect of Bleeding Kansas on the Democratic party was that it divided the party in half. One half that wanted to expand slavery and the other group didn't.

How did the slavery issue affect the Democratic Party in the 1860 presidental election?

The slavery issue caused the northern and southern democratics to split up and have two different democratic parties.

What political party was born out of the issue of slavery?

The Republican party. Before the republican party existed the Whig party, which shortly withered away when slavery was first introduced, it could not stand against the Democratic Party. Thus giving birth to the Republican Party.