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How did the draft process work during the Vietnam war?

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All able bodied (healthy) US males had to register for the draft (conscription). Registration was required before the Vietnam War.

Once a man reported, he was examined by military medical personnel, mentally tested (written test), and then put on a chartered bus to the nearest US Army Fort to commence Basic Combat Infantryman Training, nicknamed boot camp. His obligation to the United States government was two years of active duty and four years of reserve. Today, it's an eight-year obligation, if needed, via registration.

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During the Vietnam War, and Korea, WWII and WWI and the American Civil War 1861-1865, all able bodied men had to register for the draft. There is a lottery system were months and days are selected and based on those dates, men were assigned a draft number. When their number was selected, they received a letter telling them to report for induction into the US military. Another word for draft is conscription. Individuals have no choice, it was the military or prison. This was the primary reason for protesting the war, and draft card burning & riots, during Vietnam.

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