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Q: How did the early civilization use industry and science to improve their way of life?
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How did early civilizations use industry and science to improve their way of life?

By making a more modern way to live for our early civilization. Industry and science helped by providing new ways to live and better ways to get needed supplies such as food. Industry made farming become a very well-known thing in our early civilizations and this help provided us with surpluses of item such as corn and other foods. Science in which gave us more easier ways to live and do things.

Why was science important to early Civilization?

If science would not have prosperred in the early civilizations then we would have been still living in caves using stone tools and surviving in the forests facing wild animals.

What group was MOST concerned with helping improve the dangerous working conditions in early century industry?


Where was the modern civilization found?

Early modern day civilization is the period classified between 1500 and 1800. It started with the European expansion into colonies and when science started to gain ground.

Early theater had its beginnings in which civilization?

Early theater had its beginnings in Greek civilization.

What characteristics did early civilization in Mesopotamia share with early civilization in China?

both developed paper

What early American civilization is represented by chichen itza?

The Mayan civilization

Why was the early civilization were they home of the early civilization?

To answer a question we need a who, where, when, what, why, or how. Your question doesn’t give us one of those.

What nations are in the early stages of the industry and technology?

early stages of industry and technology

What has the author Margaret C Jacob written?

Margaret C. Jacob has written: 'The Self-Perception of Early Modern \\' -- subject(s): History, Commerce, Merchants 'The cultural meaning of the scientific revolution' -- subject(s): History, Science, Science and industry, Social aspects, Social aspects of Science 'The Origins of Freemasonry' 'Missing, now found in the eighteenth century' 'The Dutch Republic in the Eighteenth Century' 'The Newtonians and the English Revolution, 1689-1720' -- subject(s): History, Intellectual life, Religion and science, Science, Latitudinarianism (Church of England), England, Physics 'Western Civilization: Ideas, Politics, and Society' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Western Civilization, History 'The Radical Enlightenment' -- subject(s): Civilization, Freemasons, History, Enlightenment, Pantheism 'Practical Matter' -- subject(s): Science, History, Philosophy

Is Cherokee an early American civilization?

A tribe rather than a civilization.

What are the eight characteristics of early civilization?

Religion, government, written language, specilization, ;science,art,and math (all 3 are together); social class, trade, and eeconomy