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New England's soil was very poor for farming but the southern part of North America's soil is very rich

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The New England's didn't have fertile soil like the Southern colonies did.

South- tobacco plantations- indentured servants- slaveryNew England- trade- small farms- fishing (New England was said to be built on "God and cod")- little need for slavery or indentured servitude

The Southern Colonies were established as economic ventures and were In contrast, the early New England colonists were primarily religious reformers and separatists.

South- tobacco plantations- indentured servants- slaveryNew England- trade- small farms- fishing (New England was said to be built on "God and cod")- little need for slavery or indentured servitude

In 1635 a law was passed to require public schools in towns when they reached a set population. This worked well in New England and middle colonies. But the southern colonies had plantations that were far apart so tutoring was given to plantation children.

okay they differ in 3 ways 1.The New England was mostly hills with rocky soil no other colonies had. 2.There was more religious freedom in the Middle Colonies than in New England. 3.The climate of the Southern Colonies was the warmest climate of the three colonial regions

the united states sought colonies as market. other nations used colonies' resources

the middle colonies propietors did not care what religion you are, as long as you paid for your land. the souther colonies

Political representation differed in the colonies when compared to England. The colonists did not have any representation. The English citizens did.

The economy of the Northern and Southern colonies differed due to the industries that were available. The Northern colonies had the shipping industry, however in the winter the economy suffered. The Southern colonies had the plantations, and the economy thrived during both winter and summer.

The 13 colonies were separated into 3 groups; the New England colonies, the Mid-Atlantic colonies, and the Southern colonies. The Southern colonies had rich soil, warm climate, and many navigable rivers. These helped the South become a major agricultural area. New England was covered with forests that provided lumber, which was used to build ships, and the ocean was filled with fish. Seafaring lifestyle became prominent. The Mid-Atlantic colonies had rich soil but the climate was cooler. Those colonies raised staple crops such as wheat and corn for all the colonies.

the lives of New England slaves differ from the lives of slaves in other English

The soil of the middle colonies was beeter for farming than the soil in new england

The french colonies were less controlled by the french. The English colonies were ruled by the monarch of England and also high ranking individuals

The South relied on indentured servants during that time and grew crops such as indigo, tobacco and cotton on large plantations. The north, on the other hand, grew crops primarily for there own substance

a good climate and fertile land meant the colonists could grow a large quantity of staple crops unlike colonists in new England, some slaves worked in the the middle colonies but not as many as in the south indentured servants did more of the labor

soil helps the plants and food grow for us to eat.

The northern colones were much more focused on religion. Their entire basis was religious tolerance. The southern colonies were created much more on a basis of making money. Families often immigrated together to the new England area to settle. In England only the eldest son in a family would inherit anything. Tihis caused alot of younger sons to travel to the southern colonies in search of gold. Many of the people who would go to the southern. Colonies weren't worried about the settlement, and were only interested in personal gain. Many who use return to England once they had made some money.

In New England, there were universities and Puritan educations. Virginians learned on the plantations and religion was further separated from education.

the soil in the middle colonies was better for farming than the soil in new England. also the climate was milder,and the growing season was longer

The Southern Colonies grew cash crops, including cotton, tobacco, and indigo. The Middle Colonies grew grain, such as wheat and rye. The Northern Colonies did not rely on agriculture, but raised pigs and chickens.

Virginia and the southern colonies were centered around the tobacco and economic advantages. There were less people in Virginia than in Massachusetts, and were less centered on religion, like their northern counterparts.

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