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How did the European water chestnut get to the US?

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The European Water Chestnut comes from Eurasia, but it is native to North America, Australia, Holland and Canada. It is a terrible nuisance because it reduces the growth of plant population below the canopy it creates, like a huge mat floating in the water. The European Water Chestnut got to the United States because a Eurasian obviously came over and let some loose! They could also have some on their boat, which they put in an American lake. That is what I have to tell you.

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What is a water chestnut?

water chestnut is a nut

Is the chestnut tree evergreen?

The Common Horse Chestnut , Aesculus hippocastanum, is deciduous.

Difference between chestnut and water chestnut?

One of the main differences between chestnuts and water chestnuts is that the water chestnut is not a nut. A water chestnut is an aquatic plant that grows in marshes under the water. The regular chestnut actually grows on a tree and is classified as a nut.

Do chestnut trees grow in the US?

yes chestnut trees grow in the us in california.

How do you say chestnut in Hindi?

(Indian water chestnut): Singhada

What is a water-chestnut?

nutty fruitty nutty fruitty

How does water chestnut reproduce?

The water chestnut is reproduced by an underground stem... or also known as corm.

Are water chestnut a tree nut?

No, the water chestnut, is a grass-like sedge grown for its edible corms.

Can cats eat water chestnut leaves can cats eat water chestnut greens?

Your cat can eat water chestnut leaves and greens if he likes them. They are not harmful but do not have any beneficial benefit for cats.

What kind of chesnuts is their?

Chestnut trees belong to the same family of trees as the oak and beech trees. There are five types of species of chestnuts, European chestnut or the sweet chestnut, Asiatic chestnut which has two species the Japanese and the Chinese chestnut, the American species, and Allegheny Chickapin..

Is water chestnut a nut?

No, the edible part of the water chestnut is a tuber (much like a potato) that forms on roots of the water chestnut plant, a grasslike plant that grows in freshwater ponds, mostly in Asian countries. The unpeeled tuber resembles a chestnut, giving the plant its somewhat misleading name.

What is the opposite of a potato?

Water Chestnut

Is water chestnut a stem?


Is water chestnut a root?

Yes, water chestnut is a root. Water chestnuts are commonly found in many Asian food dishes, as it is one of their traditional ingredients.

Another name for a chestnut horse?

Chestnut is also called sorrel, especially in the southern and western US.

Is water chestnut is underground stem?


Is the Chinese Water Chestnut a root?

No, it is a stem.

Is water chestnut an underground stem?


Which part of a water chestnut is edible?

Its nutts

What part of the plant is the water chestnut?

from the ground

Do you have to cook a water chestnut?

No, they can be eaten raw.

What is water chestnut called in marathi?


Is water chestnut a stem or a root?


Is water chestnut a root or stem?

Its a stem.

What is singada plant called?

Water chestnut