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Q: How did the europeans view the Chinese in the 1400s?
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What was the Chinese view of Europeans and how did interactions with Europeans impact Chinese society?

the portuguese

Who began their voyages in the early 1400s?

The Europeans. =D

Why did the europeans began exploring the unknown in the 1400s?


What conditions led Europeans to explore in the 1400s?

The storm.

What were europeans mainly looking for in africa in the 1400s?


Did Europeans of the 1400s have a great sense of geography?

Most Europeans in the 1400s had a terrible sense of geography. They believed that the earth was flat and that you could fall off the edge if you went too far.

What region of Africa did most Europeans trade with before 1400s?


To which continents did europeans seek new trade routes in the 1400s?


Europeans exploration in the 1400s and the 1500's.?

The period in the 1500s when Europeans started searching for lands they did not know is called the?

What is a Navigation tool invented by the Chinese in the 1400s?


Why did Europeans want to explore the world in the 1400s-1500s?

Europeans wanted to explore the world so that they could gain wealth

Which continents did Europeans seek new trade routes in the 1400s?

not answered yet