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That the farmers used the fittest animals in their livestock to breed.

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One of the most important things farmers did that improved the quality of their livestock, according to Charles Darwin, was to participate in selective breeding. This brought out the best features of each type of livestock, while ridding the offspring of unwanted characteristics.

Darwin observed farmers performing artificial selection. The farmers would keep the best specimens and sell the lesser ones. This caused their own stock to improve over time.

To improve the growth for there crops

This is actually a fallacy. Fair trade will improve farmers lifes for those farmers that are paid wages that meet certain standards however those farmers that are not paid standard fair wages can suffer because they will lose business and make less.

to improve agricultural equipment

"A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks." Charles Gordy

The method used by farmers for centuries has been selective breeding. Animals with desirable characteristics are allowed or encouraged to "cross-breed" with other desirable specimens. Only plants with the most desirable traits were kept and allowed to reproduce. In the last century hybridization was added to the breeders' arsenal.

Livestock ~ Animals that are raised on a farm for food. Cows, chickens, pigs, ect.As for the other, I don't know. Someone will have to improve my answer.

They gave more land to the farmers.

The conditions of the farmers improved in the years after 1896 due to a couple of reasons. Most of the reforms that farmers had fought for has become laws which favored their lives.

His goal was to improve his theory of evolution

the farming practices used by the farmer to improve the cltivation is giving fertilizer,pestisides etc . in the field

Charles Drew proved that an African American could be a doctor.

to improve the situation of farmers, the govt. bought crops at regular prices to help the farmers and sold them low, to help out the consumers.

This initiative is devoted to improve the income of farmers in poor countries, paying them higher wages to improve their welfare. The effectiveness is full of controversy, because some people say that it helps farmers that does not live in the poorest areas in the world.

He was the American agriculturalist who founded the Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry to improve the lives of farmers.

The process of selective breeding is used to improve livestock qualities. He created a dwarf buffalo by using selective breeding.

Volcanic eruptions include minerals which plants need and which improve soil fertility.

Nitrogen enriched soil and chemicals are typically used as fertilizer to improve soil.