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There is not such a thing as an AIDS virus. It's the HIV virus, and the title AIDS is the high viral load level of HIV infection. The question has been the subject of quite a bit of discussion. Some claim that it was from sexual contact with other species, some of the more paranoid subscribers to conspiracy theories claim that it was from a government attempt to destroy homosexuals. Pick your theory, I don't think AIDS patient #1 is talking.

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Q: How did the first case of the AIDS virus get contracted?
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When was the first recorded case of AIDS?

Umm I am pretty sure that the first recorded case of aids was on 1981 in the USA

Where was the first known case of AIDS?


What year was the HIV found?

CDC reported the first case of AIDS in 1981. However, it wasn't until 1983 that the causative agent of AIDS, HIV, was isolated by Luc Montagnier et al. They named it human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Where was the first AIDS case diagnosed?

In Vernal Utah

What year was the first documented case of AIDS?


When was the first case of AIDS in the US?

In the early 1980s

How big does a cut in your mouth have to be to get AIDS from kissing?

AnswerFirst of all, it would be HIV, not AIDS. The HIV virus is extremely fragile and it's thought that saliva kills it. But, there has been at least one reported case of transmission

When was the first case of HIV AIDS detected in the world?


What country did aids first come from?

It is unknown. However, the first observed case was in the United States in 1981.

Who died first of AIDS in the US?

AIDS is a gay or transexual desease 1st aids case was found in a group of gay community in US in 1960s from bi sexuals to women it has explored

How did the Ebola virus get its name?

From a village in Africa where the first known case originated.

People wit aids are most likely to die from?

They are most likely to die from anything, any disease and any infection or even any virus no matter how small it is even the cold can kill someone who has a bad case of HIV or AIDS.

Does AIDS come immediately?

No. There is an incubation period. That is why you should get tested every 3 months for an entire year after suspected exposure. Really, it would not hurt to get tested immediately after the potential exposure as well in case you contracted it before then.

Can smooch cause aids?

not exactly but in case if a person has sores or cut or bleeding gums on then because generally the saliva contains negligible amount of HIV and for a person to be infected with AIDS it requires a large amount of HIV virus which cannot be transfered through saliva

What is AIDS and when was it discovered?

AIDS-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome-is an immune system disease caused by the virus HIV. It gradually reduces the effectiveness of your immune system, leaving it susceptible to other infections. It's transmitted through a contaminated bodily fluid coming in contact with your bloodstream. Genetic research reveals that HIV originated in West-Central Africa in the late 1800s; the first case of AIDS was recognized in 1981.

When was HIV and AIDS discovered?

The first documented case of AIDS was June 5, 1981 in Los Angela, California. By September 1982 the CDC began using the name AIDS instead of GRID.Also in 1984 a doctor create squaids(squirrel aids) to kill all the red squirrel in the UK.

Where Did the Ebola virus gets its name?

From the Ebola River in Congo, adjacent to where the first recognized case was located.

What is the interval between the AIDS virus infection and the onset of AIDS symptoms?

you are not infected with the AIDS virus.. AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Syndrome is a bunch of signs and symptoms (in this case its the signs and symptoms of VARIOUS illness, such as herpes, PCP, etc) People diagnosed with HIV (the actual virus) can be without symptoms for MANY years, and if they know they have HIV early on they can get on medication which slow the replication process down. the onset of AIDS is caused my the weakening of the immune system. Once your immune system can no longer fight off all the infections (which health people get on a regular basis and fight off) the person develops defining characteristics of AIDS. ** but as far as an INTERVAL of time there isn't all depends on the persons immune system, and how well controlled the HIV is.

When was the worst case of Swine Flu?

The worst case may have been the first case with a death since little was known about the new virus at that time and a whole new plan of care and evaluation protocol was needed for each new case identified until more was known about the new infectious virus. The first person to die from the 2009 swine flu was Maria Adela Gutierrez, who died in March 2009 in Mexico. She was a 39-year old woman in the southern tourist city of Oaxaca in Mexico. The first person outside of Mexico to die was a baby from Mexico city, who died in Texas, USA, not long after the first cases were identified. Another candidate for the worst case would be the first case, since it was an entirely new disease for the medical community to unravel and determine how to treat and prevent. The first known person to have contracted the 2009 H1N1 Influenza in March 2009 was a young boy named Edgar Hernandez from La Gloria, Mexico, a small town of approximately 3,000 people. He recovered from the virus.

What world event happened in 1980?

The AIDS epidemic was finally recognized although the first case had been found decades earlier.

What other interesting information is there about the HIV virus?

Ok.We just started this unit in health.At first,scientests/researchers thought in only occured in gay men.Because the first case of HIV/AIDS were found in gay men who were 20-60 years old.Some gay men were thrown from their apartments/rentedhomes/homes they were buying,because the landlords thought that it could be spread from touching.The only way HIV/AIDS can be caught is from body fluids of people who have it.At first it was only thought to be in men,but then there was a case of a woman having it.Use kidshealth or webMD to find out more,kidshealth has a site for kids,teens,andparents

Can you tell through test if you have had herpes for awhile or if you recently contracted the virus?

Usually the first, or primary, breakout of herpes is the worst. This is not always the case, they can also be so minor that it may go unnoticed and you may not even be able to find out you have it. The only way to know if you have had herpes for longer than 30 days is to have a blood test. They look in your blood for herpes antigens. If you have the antigens, you have been exposed before and your body has already had one of its fights with the virus.

Is Counter Strike A Virus?

It is not a virus, unless you are trying to download it free illegally. In which case it would most likely be a virus.

What started first AIDS or EBOLA?

Ebola is not an acronym (it's named after a river), so you shouldn't capitalize the whole thing. That said, it's really hard to answer the question. AIDS was first recognized in 1981, though the HIV virus itself has been around for longer than that (it probably mutated from a non-human variant sometime around in the late 19th or early 20th century), and the earliest well-documented case (though the term AIDS wasn't used yet) was in 1959. The first identified outbreak of Ebola virus disease was in 1976, but the general Ebolavirus family has been around for millions of years; there's evidence of filovirus in fossils dating back at least that far.

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