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It affected nearly aspect of everyday lives. Businesses closed, people lost all of their money. They lost their jobs. Some took work in the worst of conditions for pennies. Many people started hunting for game just to feed their families. Families in the cities even stooped to catching rats to eat. Suicides increased dramatically. Many people died from starvation and disease unable to feed themselves or pay for a doctor. Many resorted to the barter and trade system instead of money. Of course, there were many more effects.

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Q: How did the great depression affect people in the us?
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How did the Great Depression affect social welfare programs in the US?

many people lost their jobs.

How did the great depression affect canada?

It almost killed us.

How did the great depression affect racial tension in the US?

it does affect alot but the best way is to have sex

Was the great depression the only depression to affect the US?

Once we finish this "recession" we will be calling the last few years the "Greater Depression".

How did Great Depression affect US cities in the 1930s?

all of them except apple

How did the great depression in the US affect Latin America?

The Great Depression had a major effect on Latin America. With unemployment high in the US, exports from Latin America were at historic lows.

How did the Great Depression affect the US foreign policy?

See link below for good (and conicise) information on the effects of the Great Depression and foreign policy.

How has the Great Depression affect us today?

The Economy has never been the same after the great depression, even to this day we are still trying to get on our feet with the economy

How did Frank D Roosevelt affect the US politically?

He improved the economy and got us out of the Great Depression.

How did World War 2 affect the American economy?

it helped pull us out of the great depression.

How many people were unemployed in the US at the height of the great depression?


Was the Great Depression during the Depression?

That's why it is called "the depression," because it was the biggest time of great financial hardship in the recent past. "The Great Depression" and "The Depression" are the same thing. Although, some people talk about us entering "a depression" sometimes, and they are talking about the economy now, not back then.

Who the political people in charge of the us and Texas during the great depression?


How did the great depression affect the pacific northwest?

it affected the northwest pretty bad, just like the rest of the US.

What caused the us to get more involved with the country's economy?

The Great DepressionThe great depression

Who brought out the us from of the Great Depression?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and World War II brought us out of the Great Depression.

What was the Great Depression How did it affect Americans Do you think our situation today in the US is similar Why or why not?

The Great Depression was a drop in America's economy. Also, many farms were experiencing sand storms which ruined crops. Many people lost their jobs. Our situation isn't as bad as the GD, because many more people lost their jobs.

Why were people in the US hit with hard times during The Great Depression?

The great depression caused these hard times. The depression was when the stock market crashed. This was because a large amount of people sold out their shares at once and there was no more money to go around.

Why did technology get the us out of the Great Depression?

Technology did not get the US out of the Great Depression. World War II is what got the United States out of the Great Depression because of all the jobs that were created with prepping for the war.

When did the Great Depression occur in the US?

The Great Depression occured in 1929 and lasted until 1945

What caused the US government to get more involved with the country's economy?

The Great DepressionThe great depression

Did the Great Depression effect the US?


Did the Great Depression lead to cold war?

The great depression of the 1930's led to WW2; WW2 got the US out of the depression.

How was the start of the Great Depression?

The Great Depression was a direct result of the crash of the US stock market in 1929.

What years approxomitaly did the Great Depression take place in the us?

The Great Depression lasted from 1929-1939.