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The Holocaust happened between about 1941-1945. The Final Solution was the order to mass kill the Jews. The Final Solution resulting in the most deadly phase of the Holocaust. According to historians at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, "The Nazis frequently used euphemistic language to disguise the true nature of their crimes. They used the term "Final Solution" to refer to their plan to annihilate the Jewish people.

The timing of the decision to turn what was the persecution and execution of Jews into the Final Solution cannot be determined with the information that we have today.

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Hitler and other Nazis decided to start up the Holocaust.

People who the Nazis decided were Jewish.

Nazis referred to the Holocaust as the Final Solution.

Adolf Hitler called the Holocaust "The Final Solution"

The Holocaust. The Nazis themselves called it the Final Solution [of the Jewish Question.

The Holocaust was when Hitler firstly decided to put political people into concentration camps, However, the Holocaust is known for when the Nazis putted Jews into the concentration camps and killed nearly 7 Million of them. Adolf Hitler was the man who decided the idea of the Holocaust.

No, the Nazis referred to it as 'the Final Solution of the Jewish Question'. The term 'the Holocaust' only became wdespread from the late 1970s on. Please see the related question.

Yes, the Nazis were a large part of the Holocaust.

Nazis killed Jews in the Holocaust.

The Nazis called it the Final Solution of the Jewish Question. The word Holocaust wasn't widely used till about 1980.

* Shoah. * 'Final solution' [of the Jewish question]. This term was used by the Nazis themselves.

The Final Solution. That was the Nazis' own term for it. Please see related question below.

The Nazis didn't want to carry out the Holocaust publicly, for example in the street.

The Nazis carried out the Holocaust, sometimes with the aid of local volunteers (for example, in Lithuania).

each solution that the Nazis created for a problem caused another problem, until they had to create the 'Final Soulution'.

most police forces in occupied Europe helped round up the Jews and hand them over to the Nazis, it took the help of many groups as well as the Nazis to implement the Final Solution.

Nazis carried out the Holocaust during and just before WW II

Jews. The Holocaust was the Nazis attempt to exterminate Europe's Jews.

* The Nazis knew that the 'Final Solution' did not have widespread popular support among the Germans. * They wanted to avoid physical resistance from the Jews when loading them on to trains. * On some level the Nazis were, it seems, embarrassed by what they were doing and went to great lengths to hide the Holocaust.

Everywhere that the Holocaust took place.

The Nazis did not use the word Holocaust.The use of the word Holocaust in this context, meaning the Nazi genocide of the Jews is fairly recent (in English, German and other languages) and only became widespread after the TV miniseries entitled Holocaust in 1978. The Nazis called the genocide the 'Final Solution [of the Jewish question]'. Please see the related question.

Perhaps 300 Nazis were killed in the Holocaust. Many I'm sure perished in the war. The Holocaust is distinct from the war. The Holocaust was a genocide perpetrated against the Jews.

nowhere, the Holocaust was not a military action

Hitler and the Nazis were responsible for the Holocaust.

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