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TheHomesteaders were faced with many problems. some of these problems were that the land was too hard and dry and therefore the crops wouldn't be properly embedded in the soil and therefore would just blow away in the wind the solution to this was a sod buster or industrial plow that came out with the industrial revolution at a cheap and affordable price. another problem was drought and lack of water as only around 13cm of water fell per year on the great American desert, again the industrial revolution helped by giving us wind pumps able to reach water far underground and with the wind a serious of pullies and levers would make the water rise to the surface and be used to sustain life i.e. feed people and cattle.

A third problem was the incorrect type of seeds, the had the type of seeds that needed all the stereotypical factors to grow like water and sun and nutrients from the soil but all they had was sun, this problem was solved by the Russians and their turkey red whesat that was grown in Russia in the snow.

New farming machinery was invented, JOHN DEERe invented the plough, the ploughs made it easier for the homesteaders because the praire soil they were growing there crops on was difficult to turn as it was dry and hard.

Joseph Glidden invented barbed wire in 1874, it was cheap and effective, it was a way of stopping tray animals or cattleman's stock from crossing there territory.

New crops were brought over by Russians, they brought over the a crop called Turkey red wheat and this crop was well suited to the plains environment.

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Q: How did the homesteaders overcome the problems they faced on the plains?
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