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Q: How did the improvement of ships and navigational instruments impact the world?
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When Columbus was a young man what country had the best ships and navigational instruments?


What navigational instruments did the tudors use on ships?

Maps, Astrolabe, Cross Staff, Compass, Log Line, Sand Glass and Bell, Traverse Board and a Sounding Lead were commonly used. This link provides a good background on this instruments.

Who had noted that ships move at different speeds depending on their navigational headings?

Matthew Maury

What are 5 items used to navigate ships through water?

Navigational instruments aid in determining the speed, position and direction of a sea craft. Examples of these devices are chip logs, parallel rules, sounding lines, dividers and nautical almanacs.

Who was the captain of the astrolabe?

There was no "captain" for the astrolabe. It was navigational tool used on the ships to guide them. The captain of the ship or the pilot used it.

Prince Henry the navigator is known for?

Though he did not explore anything himself, he funded many expiditions and invented new inventions and navigational tools to help ships get to Asia.

Portugal had the advantage over Spain and other nations in securing the spice trade because they?

superior ships and navigational equipment

What tools did cabrillo bring?

Cabrillo brought tools such as navigational instruments like compasses, astrolabes, and cross staffs to aid in mapping and exploration. He also brought tools for building and repairing his ships, such as hammers, saws, and nails. Additionally, he likely brought tools for daily tasks such as cooking and sewing.

What navigational aids helped Europeans find new trade routes to Asia and the new world?

maps, diaries and new ships

Is the quartermaster rating available in the navy reserves?

Yes, the quartermaster rating is available in the Navy reserves. The quartermaster (QM) rating is responsible for navigation, charting, and maintaining navigational instruments and equipment. In the reserves, quartermasters may perform similar duties and play a vital role in supporting naval operations.

What were the obstacles to exploration?

Poor navigational tools and maps and ships. Those are the only ones I know, and my social studies teacher expects me to know FIVE!

Who use compass and why?

Pilots and captains for navigational aid, as well as hikers and people orienteering. Ships+boats to find where they are on the map and to see which way to go.