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King George VI, father of the present Queen Elizabeth II died on February 6th 1952 of lung cancer, probably caused by smoking.

The Last King of England was William III and died in 1707 of pneumonia after falling from his horse and breaking his collarbone. George VI was King of the UK of GB & NI

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Q: How did the last king of England die?
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Did the king died in England?

The last king to die in England was George VI in 1952

When did the last King of England die?

The last king of the United Kingdom (which includes England) died in 1952. He was George VI, father of the present queen.

Who was the last viking king in England?

king of england,was Harthacnut

Who was the king of England during 1700?

The King of England in 1700 was King William III, the last Stuart King.

Who was the last Medieval king?

Richard III was the last Medievil king of England

Who was the last medievil king?

Richard III was the last medievil king of England

Why is king William the king of England?

Because he defeated King Harold, the last anglo-saxon king of England ever, and his Saxon army.

Who was the last medieval king the lion-hearted?

Richard III of England is often regarded as the last medieval king of England, not Richard I of England who was given the title, "Lionheart".

Did the king of england die from the black death?

No king of england died due to the Black Death

What is King Harry the Eighth King of England last name?


Who wad last king of England?

George 5th

Who was last king of England from the house of Normandy?


Who is is the king of England now?

At this time England has a Queen (Elizabeth II). the last king was George VI, who died in the 1950s.

When was the last king?

Last king of what? There are still kings today. Queen Elizabeth's heir will be king of England. Sweden has a king. There are other countries that are still monarchies.

When did King Charles I of England die?

King Charles I of England died on January 30, 1649 at the age of 48.

When did King Edward I of England die?

King Edward I of England died on July 7, 1307 at the age of 68.

When did King Richard I of England die?

King Richard I of England died on April 6, 1199 at the age of 41.

Who was the king of England in 1989?

Queen Elizabeth ll ruled England in 1989, and still is as we speak. The last King of England was George Vl who died in 1952

Who was the last Norman king of England?

Stephen of Blois, nephew of the previous king Henry I.

Who was the last King of England to go to battle?

The last British King to lead his army in battle was King George II at the battle of Minden in 1759

When did William the 1 king of England die?


How did King Edward VI of England die?


When did King Henry the 3 from England die?

In 1272

When was the last King and Queen crowned in England?

William and Mary

Who was the last non English speaking king of England?

The last non English speaking King of England was probably George I. His first language was German and did not speak English very well.