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Q: How did the lend lease act end the great depression?
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What US neutrality law was passed because of the rise of Hitler?

There were a series of Neutrality Acts passed in the 1930s during the rise of Hitler, the last being the Neutrality Act of 1939. The Lend-Lease Act, which was passed in 1941, officially ended America's neutrality.

What was the name of the policy by which the US provided money and supplies to aid in the reconstruction of western Europe following world war W?

The Lend-Lease Act of March 11, 1941, enabled America to directly aid Britain and her Allies during the WW II.

What is lend lease policy?

Lend-Lease, officially known as "An Act Further to Promote the Defense of the United States," was a controversial program enacted in March, 1941, while the United States was officially neutral in the wars that coalesced into the Second World War.President Franklin Roosevelt very much wanted to help Britain in its war with Nazi Germany and Italy, but because the U.S. was neutral and many anti-war groups wanted America to stay that way, he had to sell the program to Congress and the American people.So he came up with a simple explanation. He likened Lend-Lease to one neighbor asking another to borrow a garden hose to put out a fire in his home before his own house caught fire and burned down.The law gave Roosevelt the authority to aid the Allies with arms, planes, food and other necessities to conduct the war. Initially, Britain was the main beneficiary but other nations quickly followed, including the Soviet Union, China, France and Brazil. The total amount of aid amounted to $50 billion. -- Gjampol

What government act provides an incentive for people to farm the great plains?

what government act provided an incentive for people to farm the great plains

Who did the Dawes act apply to?

Indians in the great plains...savages...hated Indians