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dispite its name the mediterenian fruit fly (ceratitis capitata) is pretty common around all temperate climate zones. it most likely arived first in Florida along with fruits imported to or brought by travalers

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What has the author F E Gilstrap written?

F. E. Gilstrap has written: 'Biological control of the Mediterranean fruit fly in the United States and Central America' -- subject(s): Biological control, Insect pests, Mediterranean fruit-fly

Why do fruit flies exist?

They love fruits and if you eat fruits a fruit fly might come there

How has the fruit fly impacted the native Florida ecosystem it has invaded?

The Mexican Fruit Fly attaches itself to fruit such as grapefruit, and deposits its eggs, destroying the fruit for consumption. They are long living and produce enormous numbers of offspring. Infestations are not controlled easily.

Why does fruit fly lay eggs on a fruit?

Its a fruit fly

Taxonomic levels of fruit fly?

Taxonomic levels of fruit fly?

How many fruit fly offspring can one fruit fly have?

The female fruit fly lays 400 eggs every 16 days.

What is the full latin name of the fruit fly?

(Drosophila melanogaster) Fruit fly.

What kingdom does the fruit fly belong to?

Fruit fly belongs to Mammal kingdom

What is the haploid number in a fruit fly?

the haploid number of a fruit fly is 4

Describe the fruit fly life cycle?

A fruit fly can live up to 40-50 days. A female fruit fly will lay her eggs on a piece of fruit or decaying organism. The eggs will hatch into larvae, eat from the fruit and grow into a full grown adult fruit fly.

Is a fruit fly a baby fly?

No, a fruit fly is a species of fly. It is a Drosophila Melanogaster thet grow to usually about 0.3cm long only.

How many chromosomes does a fruit fly have?

A fruit fly has only four pairs of chromosomes.

How many chromosoems are there in a fruit fly sex cell?

there are 8 chromosomes in a fruit fly

Was the first animal to land on the moon a dog fruit fly or chimp?

It was a fruit fly

How much does a fruit fly weigh?

According to my homework, a fruit fly weighs about a milligram :)

Who conducts the fruit fly sterilisation?

The fruit fly sterilisation is done by YA MUM.

What is the tiny fly that apeers to come out of a drain like a bath tub or shower?

Carcengenic fruit flies

How many genes are there in a fruit fly?

Each cell of a fruit fly contains 13,601 genes.

What is the average lifespan of fruit fly?

The average lifespan of a fruit fly is twenty to thirty days.

Does a maggot turn into a fruit fly before it becomes an adult fly?

No, fruit fly maggots are always fruit flies. The don't become adults until they emerge from their pupa.

How long does a fruit fly grow?

A fruit fly can grow from egg to adult fly in about 8-10 days. It takes about 4 days for the larvae to become mature. The lifespan of the fruit fly is about 45 days.

Are you eating fruit fly larva when you eat fruit that had fruit flies on it?

When eating fruit that had fruit flies on it, it is very possible that you are consuming fruit fly larvae. Most will not survive through the human digestive system.

Fruit fly color?

The fruit fly color is yellow and gray with huge big red eyes

Average lifespan of fruit fly?

life cycle of fruit fly is about (2-3 weeks) (M.Areeb)

What is the best carnivorous plant for fruit flies?

Are the fruit fly and the normal house fly the same?and if so where does the fruit fly get its name?i thought they originated off the fruit , bananas and they live and grow there if notsome one set me straight