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How did the oceans get so big?

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They were large spots with depth. So collection happened there, and obviously you would need large amounts of water... there is still contriversy where all this water came from, some say Volcano steam, Coments with ice

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What oceans border chile?

your mom cause shes so big

Do Atlantic and pacific oceans mix together?

In reality, all 5 oceans are actually one big ocean, so yes.

What part of the oceans do dolphins live in?

all big oceans!

Are there any oceans in Greece?

yes there is oceans in Greece and big ones

Why did oceans not exist on earth four billion years ago?

The dinosaurs were so big they drank it all.

Why are oceans are considered the largest in the water cycle?

Oceans are big water bodies. Evaporation is a surface phenomenon which take place from oceans.

Why are the waves at cape horn so big?

the pacific and Atlantic oceans meet at the tiny gap between cape horn and Antarctica. This causes huge waves to form as the oceans collide.

How large are the oceans?

The oceans cover over 2 thirds of the earth. In other words, BIG.

Where are hurrricanes born?

oceans or big bodies of water

Where is the big bodies of water found on earth?

The Oceans.

How many machines does it take to clean ocean water?

It will take so many machines. Oceans are very big and it is difficult to clean them.

What are the oceans or seas from Switzerland?

Switzerland is landlocked, so it has no oceans or seas.

What book relates to the big wave?

any book about oceans

What are the 10 deepest oceans?

There are only 5 oceans, so all of them are deep.

Is an ocean a body of water?

Yes. An ocean is a very large body of water, often separating continents. They have to be so big to be considered as oceans that only 5 oceans exist in the world. They make up most of the water on Earth.

How big are the ocean?

The oceans cover an area of 71% of the Earth's surface.

Why are the oceans so salty?

Salt is dissolved from the Earth and transported in oceans/seas by rivers.

What two big factors that effect the weather?

Two big factors that effect Earth's weather are: the sun and Oceans

Describe the oceans and explain how the water cycle affects the salinity of the ocean?

Oceans are big water bodies. Salinity is due to the presence of minerals in water.

What oceans and sea does Luxembourg border?

Luxembourg is landlocked, so it does not touch any oceans or seas.

How many seas and oceans does Luxembourg border?

it is landlocked so it does not touch any seas or oceans

What are the oceans of Czech republic?

Czech Republic is a landlocked country, so there are no oceans, not even seas.

In what ways are oceans and rivers alike?

They have tide's and can have waves. They also have water and are big.

What protected the american continent from foreigners?

The oceans formed pretty big barriers.

What might the oceans be like if there were no tides?

Simple. The would be no big waves and no surfing!

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